Why Yoga Had Been So Popular Till Now? Let’s Explore

Why There is a Need for Yoga

When God Created the World he filled it with air and water which are the most essential for any life. If we could use and understand the value of these two things there would be no disease on this earth and Yoga and Pranayama teaches us how to use these effectively.

Our Forefathers and Yogis have done this and they could lead a healthy and long life, but today man has been running madly for Money and Power and completely lost control over the emotions and has become so weak that even a small word can hurt him and break him.

Relations are broken in a single day.A lot of new Disease have emerged which were not even heard in the past and now it’s high time for us to go back and Experience the Internal Bliss so as to relieve us from all the Diseases both Physically and Mentally. This can be achieved only through the Yoga.

What Does Yoga Do

In Yoga, there are a lot of Asana and there is also a Set of Pranayama, Today in this hectic life it is not possible to do all the Asana but we can definitely spare time for Pranayama. By Doing Pranayama Our Body is relieved from stress. The amount of Oxygen required for the Body comes from Pranayama and all the Cells are recharged we feel active and healthy throughout the day. A Good Night Sleep is also experienced. All the Disease can be treated permanently by Doing Pranayama.

Why we don’t do Yoga

We all Know that there are a lot of Benefits with Yoga and Pranayama still most of the people avoid doing it because they are completely Exhausted from within and don’t have the power to perform any task regularly. Technology should also take the blame for this. This has made Man so lazy that any physical activity has become a nightmare.

How Can We regain the exhausted POWER?

There is one way to get back the exhausted power just connected yourself daily with the Supreme Soul (GOD) and you will definitely get recharged.

What are the Different Pranayama

There are about 8 Pranayams even if we could do 2 of the pranayama (Anulom Vilom and Kapalabhati) daily for 10m we can get rid of all the diseases and experience the Ultimate Bliss and get Control over the Emotions.

To Get the Most of the Pranayamas check out this video



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    2. Thank You, Sir,

      Some Clicks on the Advertisement will definitely me feel good and get more energy to write fantastic articles

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