What’s The Purpose Of Living – Lets Explore And Experience It

Purpose of life


Today we have all forgotten What To Do In Life is as there is no time to think along those lines. People are madly chasing money, power. But we should realize that all the achievements are left here itself and death is the full stop for all these things.


The What Do I Want In Life is to fulfill the desire of God and live according to the principles which he has stated. He says, my dear children, you are the souls and are abundant in love, care, compassion, purity, peace, power.We have to experience these in your day to day life. Looking each person as a soul and spreading the vibrations of love and compassion should be the PURPOSE OF LIFE. Being happy and spreading happiness should be the purpose of life. Looking each person with dignity should be our culture. No power in the universe should deplete my qualities as I have the power which can think differently. I am a human and have a choice in every situation. I can get preyed to the disturbance created in the daily life.

If we can experience these powers in our life and spread these then we know exactly WHAT IS LIFE FOR and we go to heaven.

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