We Have To Experience Real Love In Life Time – Explore Real Love

Lets Explore Love

When we think about the past where our forefathers had 10 children and there were around 20 members in the house including uncles, Aunties and we also invited the relatives and friends for any occasion or festival and there was hardly any problem and we enjoyed it, in fact, we were waiting for such occasions.We could do all this because we loved doing this.

As time passed we thought that we cannot afford to invite friends and we limited ourselves to the families Why? We thought we will filter out the relatives and only our family members (Father, mother, and children) that’s all Why?

We hardly do any festivals and are now limited to 2 members in a family that took both of them are in two different rooms, have two different cars and televisions and there is no communication. Why?

Now the Life has totally changed we have totally influenced by the technology has become a part of life. Our products, deadlines, and Targets in the office are a part of life now, We criticise other teams to surpass others. We go early to the office and come late. When we come back we hardly have time to talk and are completely exhausted. We get Angry every now and then when we don’t see things are not happening the way we thought.Why?

All this has happened and we forgot to take care about ourself, love and happiness, Peace, Humanity is our culture.

What Is Real Love

Every thought we create has an impact on each and every cell of the body physically and mentally.

The thoughts are created by the I (Soul) Each thought of pure love I created will enhance me, strengthen me. After doing all the days hectic we work if we created a thought of pure love for myself irrespective of the situation we could be in a better position to handle emotions. How?

Because the habit of creating a pure thought would strengthen every day and make us be emotionally fit and make others also loveful.

As thoughts created are passed through each cell the cell gets energy and becomes strong.

Experiment on Love

Once an experiment was made on Water.Two people have given a bucket of water and asked them to send radiations. One thought how would the radiation change anything in water but the other sent pure and loveful emotions continuously, later the structure of the water in a microscope and the strange the water with pure love emotions had good molecular structure and when used was showing amazing results.

If the pure love radiations can do wonders to water it can do wonders with humans.

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