Trust A Person Without A Trace Of Doubt And You Are Done With This Life

What is Trust?

Trust is said to be the root of happiness everybody wants to be happy but nobody wants to trust and that is the only reason we are not happy.

Why are we not able to Trust?

The problem lies in ourselves because we constantly think that If I Trust him he may betray me, he may double cross me and what not and whole negative energy we create is just vibrated or sent to the person and then he definitely fails to do the job.

How to Trust?

We don’t need to do anything here as we should know that “Trust is the root to Happiness” If I want to be happy I need to Trust I mean to say just blindly trust the person and don’t think a trace of negativity about it I am 100% Sure that the work is done, even the person is not able to do the job up to your expectation no matter he will definitely do 99% which is enough instead of doubting him internally and making yourself unhappy.

What Is the meaning of trust

Once there was a woman and she had a child, there was no source of income for her and somehow she managed to live with whatever she could do. One day she found a boy crying for food and nobody gave him anything. She looked at the boy and his eyes were full of mercy, love.

She took the boy to her shelter and gave some food and later as time passed she was unable to manage food for both boys and she had to do extra hours work. .It was very hectic but she managed. As the boy grew up he left the woman without telling anything to her and he did not tell anything to the woman but the woman said no problem and continued with her life journey. Her Child also grew up and was searching for jobs but he could not get any job. As time passed the woman fell ill as there was no money for food.

Trust in relation

Suddenly the boy who left away has become a billionaire but he did not forget the women he came and said look it is because of you now I am like this. He gave the woman’s child a good job and taken her to a place where he could take care of her to be best of luxuries.

The Only point here is The Woman Blindly Trusted the Boy even after so much of hardship and even when the boy did not say anything and left but her trust has made her happy throughout the life.

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