Thoughts Are The Seeds Of Destiny – The Choice Is Yours


Create Powerful Positive Thoughts for A Fantastic Life

  • What we speak, how we behave and work is a result of all the thoughts that we have created over a period of time. The energy created inside comes out in the form of behaviour. Once created within we do not have the power to change it outside. The power is to change inside.
  • Our thoughts are like the seed and our behaviour is the tree. The quality of the tree and the fruit is not in our control, it is based on the quality of the seed. Our power lies in choosing the right seed.
  • Information is the raw material for thoughts. To choose the right quality of our thoughts, we need to choose carefully the quality of the information we read, listen and Watch.
  • We take care of the body by exercising but if we are emotionally stressed, we will not send the right vibrations for physical health. To nurture the soul, let’s take in half an hour of pure information which we can listen or Watch even while exercising.
  • Like we charge our mobiles in the morning, if we charge the soul in the morning with positive information and meditation, then we can remain powerful the entire day. But we need to take care that we do not fill our self with too much negative information during the day.

  • After information, the second stage is our thoughts. We need to choose which thoughts to delete, which to encourage and which to store. We need to always remember that we are in charge of our thoughts.
  • When we are not able to stop our creation of negative thoughts, we should immediately read or listen to something positive which will help to change our thoughts.
  • When we start creating negative thoughts it may continue for a few minutes or even an hour. We need to be aware of it and replace the thought. The longer it goes on it will deplete emotional and physical health and the relationship.
  • Creating critical thoughts of others, talking about them to people, has become normal. We believe we are thinking and talking about the truth. But when we are thinking about Weaknesses of others we are depleting our self.
  • If we are not able to replace the negative thought immediately then we need to read or listen to a positive message. We should always carry spiritual reading material it’s an emotional first aid kit.
  •  The spiritual message we read might give us the solution to the problem on our mind. Even if it does not give the solution, it will strengthen the soul. The empowered soul will be able to replace its negative thought with understanding.

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