This Year Fill Your Heart With Happiness And Spread Happiness


The Password To Happiness

If people are behaving in a rude manner, we should remain stable internally, is a strength, and hence Peace is a strength, not weakness.Anger is the weakness. It is a sign that I am a slave of anger, Hurt is also a part of anger as hurt is getting harder the anger is harder. They are both directly proportional.

My every thought is followed by a feeling. So if I am not feeling nice, I have to stop and check – What have been thinking.My feelings over a period of time, created on the basis of my thoughts, develop my attitude about people, situations, Work or about the World.

My attitude reaches action. Every action done repeatedly becomes my habit, my habits together are my personality. In every phase of life, this personality determines my destiny. Being an incarnation of 7 qualities: Purity, Peace, Love, Bliss, Knowledge, Power and Truth.

People predicting our future is only telling us a probability. It is only a prediction, a Probability not a reality We have the power to listen to the prediction, and still choose our response i.e. our thoughts and actions, And thereby create a reality of our choice.

We always thought we need to do things outside change the Way We feel, but the reality is we need to change how we feel to change things outside.Happiness is not to be wanted by people but is to be created and then shared with people when we meet them.We are not human doings, doing things to be at peace but we are human’s beings, who are at peace and do things.

We always think that internal anger is natural, so we create external measures to postpone our reactions. If we take care of our thoughts, we will not create thoughts of anger even internally.Our thoughts are created based on our past experiences and the information that Weaken through our sense organs.

Early hours in the morning when there are no negative thoughts in the surroundings the results of meditation is more, we need to take care of the quality of information we take in.To protect ourselves from creating negative thoughts, we need to avoid newspapers or news channels early in the morning.

Let me try a new way of living. To create pure, powerful and positive thoughts in a natural way, allow me to start the day by reading or listening to pure and positive information. The last layer of information at night influences my quality of thoughts while I sleep. Let’s finish the day with a few minutes of reading or listening to pure information.

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