This Is Why Parent Child Relationship Is So Famous! – A Small Guide

Parent Child Relationship


Parent-Child Relationship – The Foundation Guide

As we all know that in Parent-Child relationship the child is the heart of the parent. The Parent irrespective of the pains outside does not want her child to get into pain or hurt. The love for the child cannot vanish under any circumstances, it’s a pure love and no amount of time can make it dry.

But now the child has grown up and now he sees a big wide world outside and wants to go out and venture his interest, he wants to go out and look for a job, the mother thinks she has been ignored know but the love is always there. She thinks that her child does not want me, he doesn’t listen to me, and he has his own choice.



As We all know that we are the children of God and whatever the deeds we have done in our day-to-day activities we accept in front of GOD before we sleep and we definitely hope that he will forgive and enhance our strength.

As far as Mother is concerned she has to do the same thing here as the child does mistakes and thinks differently he should be forgiven by the mother no matter if she gets ignored or hurt. This is the real mother and this is the love of the mother.

The Importance Of Parent-Child Relationship

Any Circumstance where the child experiences that he has not been taken care, or he has not been loved totally will make the child fear of telling anything to the mother. If he has failed in the exam the child has the greatest fear to tell his mother because he doesn’t expect that the mother will take it easy and because of this heavy fear some of the children take the extreme step to suicide. They don’t have the courage to face the mother. It may also be because the mother has very high expectations for his child and now he has failed these thinks bother and inculcate fear in the child and he can’t sustain.

How To Improve Parent-Child Relationship

The mother should be a powerhouse for her children whenever she thinks that the child is becoming low or in fear, she should never scold. She should accept the child in any situation, this is the real mother but should also guide him whenever he is wrong. The Powerhouse when it comes near the battery charging is done automatically. Here mother is the powerhouse of Love and when her love is poured on the child he not only recovers from the trauma but also gets enough strength to take care of himself.

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