The World Is Made Of Thoughts – Make Or Break The Choice Is Yours


The Power Of Thoughts

  • On some islands the tribal do not cut down a tree, they Surround the tree and curse it for hours and hours every day. Within a few weeks, the tree dries up.
  • The thoughts we create are vibrations which have a deep influence on the animals, birds, and plants around us. If plants can die with our negative vibrations then what would be the impact of the same vibration on our own self throughout the day.
  • Frequent bouts of stress, anxiety, irritation, anger or fear are negative vibrations we radiate to our self. Over a period of time our happiness, peace, purity, and power begins to deplete.

  • Every thought we create first influences our self, we start
  • Feeling the same as the quality of thought. Second, it radiates to our body and impacts our health. Third, it radiates to people and affects our relationship and fourth it vibrates into the environment. Pure and positive thoughts create happiness, health, harmony, and heaven.
  • Keep imagining yourself glowing with light, this is the way you become light. Everything is the thought and intention. The world is made out of thoughts. It is only about the power of thought. Believe something and slowly you will become that.
  • If we consistently create the same thought about who we Want to be or What We Want to do, gradually that thought Will Create a new groove on the soul and our sanskar will change.
  • We need to be aware that we create only the right thought with conviction. We should not create any thoughts of fear about whether we will be to achieve. If we create doubts then we do not allow the groove of the new Sanskar to get created
  • When Saints and elders give us blessings, they create powerful pure thoughts for us. When we believe their blessings Work, We do not create any doubt. The faith we have is a positive thought and this allows us to make their blessing a reality.

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