The Secret Of Self Progress Is To Understand The Soul


The Soul Is The Real “I”

Not only in this birth, but for many births before this, we have lived in the consciousness of body and acquired relations and positions, so body consciousness is natural to us. Sanskar’s of ego is strongly recorded on the soul. Meditation is the process of gradually creating a new recording of soul consciousness.

“I” the soul taste, listen and see through the sense organs. The body does not choose, it is the soul which is choosing. When We are addicted to something, the body does not have the craving. The soul has the craving thoughts of which radiate to the body and the body creates the with drawl symptoms.

We need to remind ourselves I the Soul is the master of all the sense organs these five sense organs are my instruments’. In this consciousness, we overpower our sense organs, but if we forget this when it feels like the sense organs overpower us because we do things which we do not want to do.

Gently keep reminding yourself of the day – “I am a soul, master of these sense organs, they will work according to my directions.’ This reminder will empower the soul and bring the sense organs under control.

Information is the stimulus we receive through our sense organs. We take in this information and create The intellect will evaluate these thoughts and take a decision. This final thought will be transmitted to the brain and then come into action. Similar habits of thinking will create similar actions and this will then go into a sanskar.


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