Understand Criticism Before You Regret – A Small Guide On Criticism

Why Do People Criticise

In Todays world every where we see that even for small things people criticise and tell say for instance when a glass is dropped people just say “you don’t know how to handle the glass, how can you do other things if you cannot do simple thing, Everytime you drop the glass and it is broken, I think you don’t have the strength the take the glass and so on the there is a long list.

Lets Explore criticism:

  1. The Person who is being criticised
  2. The person who criticises.

The person who is being criticised is totally in pain and taking all the harsh words for simple things. In fact, he has become a victim of the people.

The second person is who criticised sends harsh words, negative energy is also at a huge loss because “Criticism is like Violence” As we know that we cannot hit anyone physically, similarly we cannot hit emotionally it is a violence. This is Done with Words we can forget physical violence but words hit hard directly to the soul and will last longer.

The Point here is the person who criticises others has the habit of doing this and whenever he sees something wrong immediately criticism or when everything is fine even when he thinks something about the past and starts criticising.


The Person who is being criticised will experience hurt pain for that time and may be for around 1-2 days and slowly forgets it.


The Person who criticises others is always in pain as he always thinks negatively because it has become the nature. He is under huge loss. The negative energy first is experienced by the person himself and later it flows to the other person.


The Choice is Yours ” You want to get hurt every time or for some time”