Master The Control Over Anger And Live Up To 100 yrs

What Causes Anger?

Today many situations come in and a way that there is no choice for me but to get angry means anybody would have got anger. What Causes Anger? This is a deeply rooted belief system that I have no choice but to get angry, but the real fact is right from childhood in schools, colleges and parents no one has said that “ I have a choice” which means I can create my thoughts and feelings according to my choice. Similarly, I have a choice that I Will not get angry Today

Why Do We Get Angry?

I said to my driver to come at 9:00 Am Tomorrow as I had a Board Meeting, but the driver came at 09:30 Am and I was very angry? How can I say it’s ok because the meeting has already started? The point here is if we get angry before the Board Meeting how will you attend the meeting and second thing is you want to scold driver who is driving your car.

Anger is used as Motivator, Judgemental Anger

If I get angry at the driver and say that you will be removed anytime if you get late from now, and he will definitely come on time every day. Yes because he has the fear of removal. Here Anger is used to motivate people to get their work done.

Anger Management Therapy

One Simple thing when we get angry is I should know what are the basic causes of my Anger may be my belief Systems, Ego, people not accepting me etc. I always have a choice sometimes, when we are in good mood and somebody criticises or say negative comment on me, that time I don’t care I have a choice to be in good mood.Similarly, I have a choice to be in good mood all the time irrespective of whatever is happening around me.