Emotional Pain – The Process Of Healing Starts With You

Pain – Let’s Move A Step Ahead how to heal the Emotional Pain

I look at my self the situations, behaviors lot of things have happened and they are there in the memories and somewhere it still hurts the wound and I experience a lot of Pain. The PAIN is still there and I am waiting for someone or time to heal the wound unaware that I have the power to heal myself. Past is past, mistakes I have done is passed, mistakes that others have done to me is also passed, it’s over. Every time I think of it again over I am deepening the wound. I Accept the situation, the people, and with my behavior of accepting, I start healing myself with the firm resolve that the past will never come to me again, it’s a new moment a new choice a new creation. I am on the journey of healing if I ever think of the past again I will be deepening the wound which I began healing.


Today I promised myself the past is over, even if the thought comes again I will stop it then and there its past, it’s over. I will not let it stay in my mind and create more pain for me. I have begun the process of loving and healing myself.

Past Incidents are Triggers which we used to create thoughts now. We always have a choice how much pain we can take and for how long. Never be harsh or critical of yourself or compare with others. Accept and love is the first step of healing

Do not leave Emotional wounds to be healed with time. We become weaker and vulnerable to more wounds. Resolve the issue and heal the Pain