Happiness Is The Answer To Everything In Life – A Small Guide On Happiness

How To Find Happiness

Today’s world even a small boy to the aged if we ask them what do you want they say I want Happiness. Everybody is running a mad race to acquire wealth, Power so that they can get all the luxuries they want and become Happy.

What Is Happiness?

Once there was a person and he also wanted all the luxuries of life so he joined a company with a small salary which could hardly give him meals and tiffins He thought how long can I live with this salary so he started thinking how to get promotions so that he could lead a better life.

He started investigating and found that if I could do some good work I would be appreciated but if tell rumours about what other people are doing and some flavour, please my bosses I can get promotions to next level easily.

Search For Happiness

He started doing the same way and for the last 1 yr. he just struggled days and nights doing this and yes he got Promotions. The Formula struck correctly. He got his salary doubled now. He always that if had a good car he would be happier than he struggled hard again putting his days and nights in the areas of others. Surprisingly he got promoted and got the car he wanted.

Foreign Trips are my favourite but I want my company to bear my expenses. But this chance is given to General Managers only. So he started thinking how to become general manager. He struggled days and nights to become General Manager and finally after 3yrs of struggle he somehow becomes the General Manager.

Health And Happiness

First Thing is he did not take care of his health during all this time and invited diseases like blood pressure and Diabetes. The Luxuries which he was looking were there but he could eat a good diet due to the diseases.

Once he was travelling in his car and was enjoying the drive and suddenly there was a call saying his wife got a heart attack and was admitted to hospital. Enjoyment vanished within one second and he got into depression.And returned to the hospital but till then his wife has died. He came back home and was depressed and this depression has taken a toll on Blood Pressure and he passed away.

The Point here is that all the Luxuries of this Material World can only Comfort but not happiness.

Happiness is the internal part of the soul and can only be experienced when to give happiness to others.