Understand The Background Of Love Now – A Small Guide

How to make person Comfortable when we talk 

As you have learnt that every thought we create has an effect on the cells of our body.  And we have seen that how Torture depletes energy, But if a person does a wrong thing I have Scold him.

Adding the Flavour Of Love

Instead of torturing him you have always done things wrong in the past, you will never be correct and all the negative stuff we can just say “In the Future how to rectify or clear this problem”. Always try to see that whatever you talk is not to the person meaning saying “You did this”, “You are Responsible” etc. but talk related to the work which has gone wrong by saying “How we can avoid Such errors in Future”, this would cultivate a positive response to the other person and we can also escape from criticism which intern hurts us.

So Words play a mediator role in building a relationship but where are the words coming from they are coming from the thoughts we create and where is the thought created, it is created in the soul.

Focus on the Thoughts and Words 

So all the things are cantered to Soul. A Positive and effective thought can change the aura and negative thought can ruin down the persons morale and the entire environment gets affected.

Keep Attention in our surroundings whatever is happening wrong we have to give feedback to the work done and with a flavour of love so that we empower the souls and also empowered.