Death – As Life Is Truth So Also Death Is Also A Truth


In India when a person dies we all the rituals like bathing the body, a clean dress and good ghee on the head and then we do some pooja. Is it important to do all the things? Till now the person who dies has karmic accounts with us and after his death, we all cry “He has left us”, He Will never come back”, How can we live now” and much more. By crying a lot of energy is produced in the environment which causes discomfort to the soul. We also go round the dead body placed with a small earthen pot filled water, then we break the pot in the last round and will never turn back. Here we don’t turn back because he has to forget him and let him go away or get relief from the clutches of relations. Later we Take out a procession for saying “GoodBye”. People gather in large who are relatives and friends.

The Dead Body is taken to the Graveyard. We purchase the wood and do again some pooja and lit the fire. The Fire should lotally cover all over the body. Lot of kerosene is required so the body is fully burnt. Head should be broken completely.

Many are in the favor that if do not do the rituals than something wrong might happen tomorrow. When we can’t give peace to the soul then we have to be in peace. Let us send all the good blessings to the soul so that the soul again energies and then finds a womb (which again is a connection to be formed and cleared).We don’t not when the soul finds the womb.

Every year we should remember him and give a lot of strength, power, and love so that we the soul will get all the powerful and peaceful for his wellbeing.

Even when we cannot do the last right when a person dies its ok we need not worry it will not have any impact on us. But we should know the meaning of the ritual and bless him with that.