Understand Parenting Before You Regret – A Small Guide On Parenting

What is Parenting

Let’s begin again by searching the relationship in a different land and with a different journey in life, we will begin with a very beautiful relationship which is pure, eternal The parent and the Child relationship and which is known as Parenting

This relationship is perhaps the purest form of relation from years, but in today’s life Parenting has also been affected by our day to day life. So It becomes utmost important for us to know the fact today any relation gets broken within minutes.

Parenting Information And Facts

Parenting starts when the soul just enters the womb when it is 4 months old and it is also affected by the surroundings, remembers physically he is just 4 months but the soul has traveled years together and no one can predict this.

The Soul has already gathered a lot of qualities from the past so we should be very careful how we should always give him pure and peaceful thoughts when it is in the womb itself. We should never think that he should just 4 months and how come it affects him but the soul does not have any age. It can take emotions irrespectively and whatever emotions we give it will receive.

As the Child grows to say around 2yrs his mind is developed up to 75% and by the age of 4, he is completely developed.

Parenting Styles

I remember in my childhood when we get hurt by a table which comes in between we hit the table to make the child happy. This is one of the Most adopted Parenting Styles, this means that it is the fault of the table and this is a very wrong belief system as we are saying that the hurt is got by outside world like the table, similarly this belief system is rooted from here itself and when we get hurt anytime we pinpoint the outside world for it and forget that we are the first cause of it.

Parenting With an Attachment.

So Parenting is a challenging job for all of us always look up to a child with an eye of a soul and this will make us feel detached from the vices like attachment.

Some say that how to get detached from the child, for example, the child gets hurt, immediately we rush to the hospital and do all sorts of medication, this is an attachment which is good but we should not become emotional and give negative energy to the child, this is important. Parenting with Attachment gives pain and hurt so be careful and the Hurt will cut down the energy.

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