Anger Addiction Is The Most Trending Thing Now? Let’s Explore

Anger Addiction

Today we have seen in all the verticals of life people use Anger just like a software tool to get the work done.

I called up cable operator and said “My TV is not working” he did not listen then I went to cable office and just shouted at him “You can’t-do simple work, You are fit for nothing, For what you all are taking the salaries, who is your MD, I Went inside the MD Room and also had some heated arguments with him and just look at it my Cable TV Problem got Fixed.I thought now I can use this Formula Everywhere. This is the Sign of Anger Addiction.

What is the reason for being Angry

I shouted at the Carpenter who came late for work at my home and was not doing his job properly and shouted at him, he got afraid the result was the work was done.

I Shouted at my Wife you don’t know what I am waiting for, you don’t know simple things, get me coffee and immediately Coffee was there.

Look everybody is in my Control, I am Great, Everybody is Scared of me.This is One of the reasons for being Angry

I started making heated arguments with my colleague in front of my superiors and look the things were done. I shouted at my Son or not coming First in Class and he was afraid and studied hard and got first in class and look things were done. Slowly Anger has become my nature, whenever I was silent people used to say “ I think today something happened to him”, Today he is not well, maybe today he did not have his breakfast I used to get such comments.

The Questions Comes if things are getting done in minutes why not is Angry?

Anger Disorder Symptoms – What Happens When we get Angry

When we are angry we are heated outside but internally we are becoming weak. The power of Soul to take any challenge is lost, I mean Soul becomes Weak. How many Times we get angry we become weak within so many times and our Blood Pressure takes a Toll if keeps on Fluctuating, We may welcome many diseases which are unknown so far. These are Anger Disorder Symptoms.

How To Deal With Anger And Frustration

The Main Point is When We become Weak From inside the power to gain control over others will be difficult. Initially, when I had the power I had done effortlessly, now I need to take care of myself first and because of my nature of getting Angry and everybody should listen to me I would find very difficult to control them outside I need more power now but I don’t have the power within. I feel helpless.

Reaction to Any Situation is Easy But remaining Quiet within is difficult.