Accept Every One Is The New Way Of Life – A Small Guide


Each day so many things are happening around me, they are not the way I want them to be and they are not the way it should be. Some people are always the same I just can’t go with them. But today I am taking my mind towards freedom, however, may be the situation and however maybe people I ACCEPT and welcome them on my journey. I create this thought with pure love and conviction. Slowly I create another positive thought that the world cannot run according to me and whatever people think will definitely be different as he thoughts which come to them are different than me. So I ACCEPT the situation as it is. This is the correct way.

The next day the same things again but I am clear in my mind that they have a choice and similarly if I get hurt by them It’s my choice because they cannot predict that I would get hurt, others have a choice in expressing themselves

Whatever may be the circumstances I will accept people and move with them? This makes the other people more comfortable and he understands that he should also accept this that others also have a choice.


And slowly it becomes a habit of welcoming people no matter who he is and however wrong he is. Let me give a small example you are walking on a footpath and a Big stone is in front of you and you don’t fight with the stone instead you make your way to reach your destination and similarly we can’t keep on fighting for every reason instead we make our way by saying I can avoid this by accepting him.