Superstition Is Still Relevant Today – Let’s Explore

science and superstition

What Is Superstition

Once I met a person who was very superstitious, whatever he eats it should be according to time and place, the dress he wears was specific colours and on specific days if I go wrong in any way I have a fear that something will happen now, I try to come out of this but I am not comfortable and I keep on thinking that I had done something wrong and now something will happen to me. This is Blind Superstition

Superstition Facts

The Definition of Superstition is better explained by If I wear a yellow dress and go to a meeting then I will do great, if I go this route then things are fine for me. Even today when a cat crosses before you no matter how much important your work is you don’t go to work. If I sign with this pen then my exams are great and there are a hell lot of other things where people are not confident with themselves for their work but strongly believe the Superstition

Superstition And Science

The point here is we are more focused on the outer things for our work and because of this we are very weak within and our confidence level is very low, hence we find different ways like this and say it’s because of this only the work was done.

We have to think that whatever work we do is a result of our karmic accounts says a man is wealthy from his childhood but another person is a beggar and how much hard he tries to get money never comes to him because his karmic accounts (the Deeds or actions) performed does not let him accumulate wealth.

So My Point here is that the thoughts are the real creators of our destiny. The pure and positive thoughts create pure and positive vibrations and then they result in the actions and which intern make a karmic account and these accounts make him feel happy.

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