Soul Has The Answer To Everything – A Small Guide On Soul


Lets Explore Soul

In the recent times, technology has played a major role in our lives, what was there yesterday is no more today. It has become a remote for the humans to do any task within minutes. It has also given a far behind luxuries life whenever needed. There is nothing impossible today with technology. With the use of technology, man has become a Millionaire within no time. The man has been running madly to use the technology for his comforts, to gain wealth, power, wisdom and what not. But he has completely forgotten about himself. Today time has come for us to know ourselves who am I, what is my real nature.

Some say I am a Boy, Girl, Man, Women, Doctor, Lawyer but these are these are the names and professions given by the society and not actually when we are born.

What does The Word Soul Mean

Some say I am the Body, some say I am the Mind. But when I say I am the body then why we say this is my body is in pain, this is my hand, this is my brain, and this is my heart.

Who controls all the organs of the body, who gives instructions to the mind, who create thoughts

Who is this…?

This is the Conscient Energy “A point of Light” which resides in the middle of the two eyebrows. It is the “SOUL” It is the Real I. We all are alive because of this conscient energy.

What does the Soul do?

I (SOUL) create a thought and the intellect judges the thought whether it is good or bad and finally leaves an impression and repeated thoughts of the same kind make the same impressions which become the habit and the habits become the personality.

Now the Question Comes

Why does the SOUL create thoughts of negative and does not create any other good thought it is because the SOUL has also been affected by the surroundings and previous births, the births leave some impression which we immediately get habituated, say children are born intellects, some are born leaders etc, this is how the personality is built.

What is the Nature of Soul?

A SOUL is a part of Supreme Soul “GOD”.

  • When we say God is ocean of peace then I say I am a Peaceful Soul
  • When we say God is ocean of happiness then I say I am a Blissful Soul
  • When we say God is Ocean of Power then I say I am a Powerful Soul.
What Is A New Soul

As We have defined SOUL and its qualities Today we see that majority of the Souls have exhausted. But Some them Still has the potential Qualities of their own, They can be New Soul which have directly come in this world. A New Soul is one which is not there in this for the past several years and has come just now and it has the original qualities in abundance and can withstand any situation without getting hurt, It has the power to help others without any expectations. New Soul is a Devine Soul

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