Organ Donation – The Biggest Help for the Mankind

What is Organ Donation

Organ Donation Facts

In India every year 5 Lakh people die because of unavailability of organs. Two Lakh people die because of Liver diseases, ten lakh people go blind because of unavailability of eyes and the figures go on and on every year. The other side only 0.26% people per million donate organs. This means in 10lakh people not even 1 person is donating. People are living under illusion and fear that if I donate am I doing something wrong am I doing wrong karma, I don’t know what to do? These are the organ DONATION FACTS.

Organ Donation Statistics

Why are People not coming forward to donate Organs? As we all know that in this life we have acquired many things like degrees, lands, bank balance and we fear that we may lose this at any time, but on the other side we have the deepest attachment towards the body. Even a Single scratch to any part of the body we rush to the doctor and take necessary precautions and medication.

This attachment is the deepest of all the attachment and even after the death (which is the biggest fear) we don’t want to give any part of the body to others.

There is lack of awareness of Knowledge that I am not the body but the soul which is a form of energy which is inside and which gives instructions to the body and the body is just a dead organ without the soul. This fact is known to everybody but still, the attachment of the body is not permitting people to come forward to donate organs.

What is Organ Donation?

I feel that if we donate a single organ (say eye) to anybody who desperately in need of it, we should donate and live twice after our death. Eye Donation is supposed to be the most useful and helpful donation, We get a lot of blessings from the parents of that family and these blessings help the soul to gain more power to clear some of the deeds. As we are dead there is no use of the Eyes, so if I donate it will be useful to others and we also get blessings.


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