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Power Of Soul

I am a powerful soul till now I have seen the power of outside world every power has changed the life of many people but I have a power, the power of my consciousness the inner truth. This power affects my thoughts, feelings, and actions in my life. This is true power, a genuine power which is mine and no one can take it away from me. Today this is the main purpose of my life. All the thoughts, feelings and actions are my choice. I am in control of myself.

External Powers are the physical power of the body, power of knowledge, role, positions and wealth. These are variable and temporary. It can be lost any time. Respecting a person, being influenced by them is because of the power of the person. Having to respect a person and obeying what they say is because of their position and this is not the true power.

Power means the ability to influence future change. Economic and scientific power are powers because they have to influence the people’s lives. Our personal power influences our every thought, feeling and karma and in turn our destiny.

Spiritual Power is our own consciousness of inner peace and unconditional love. The inner power when realized is what gives the command of the presence of inner strength.

This is my life and the purpose of my life is to experience is love, caring, compassion, purity and this should be in every action of my life. Radiate happiness to everybody is the purpose of my life. Giving and taking respect is the purpose of my life. Today I will take this as a challenge and try by all means to stay with my original nature.

We are a Powerful soul but we give permission to get disturbed by just one word because we feel our disturbance is being justified.


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