Is Relationship Still Relevant? Lets Explore

define relationship

What is a Relationship?

A Relationship is defined as the exchange of energies but not words between people, energies travel faster than words and the work has already done by them but as we see words and actions in front of us we say that he is a good person because he talks nicely and politely and we can build a good relation.

What is a good Relationship?

A Mother and the Son is said to be the purest and good Relationship as in any circumstance mother cannot think negative for his child when he is a child or grown up. The energy is always positive for a child. We just can’t see any trace of negativity here.

Building a New Relationship

When it comes to building the new Relationship we have to be very much clear about our thoughts and should always speak the truth and abide by it. We should see a person as another soul and not a friend or boss. If in such a case it would be very easy to build relations because both of us in equal platforms means both of us are souls and there is no gap he is big and I am small, he has big house I have small house etc

Trust in relationship

Trust is the utmost factor in a Relationship and it the root of relation, we should trust a person without a single trace of doubt this will help the other person greatly and would like to be with you all the time.

Why are the Relationships Broken? 

In today’s life what has happened are we get angry easily and there is bitterness in any Relationship. Let’s try and figure out the relationships which are very important to us as the entire life revolves through various relations say it Blood Relation or relations outside like friends, why there is bitterness in a relationship what has happened today. Whenever we think that we should build good relations with everyone we always get into trouble.

As we all know that today’s world hectic and right from we get up till night when we go to bed there are innumerable challenges and people around us and everybody is in a state of stress. These factors take a toll on any relationship and the relations don’t last long. Ending a Relation is very easy as it does not require anything just a small word that you are fit for nothing and that’s it.

How to be in Relationship

This is challenging in today’s environment take any relation and everybody requires respect, peace, appreciation, care, happiness.

A relationship is always linked with getting people always think what I got in this relationship but we have to think what I should give in this relation to make it stronger. It is always giving which build relationships give love, peace, happiness, and care and you enjoy the same because whatever you give you to get it first and then the other person gets. The energy flows from you so you always want to give love, peace, happiness.

How to be in Relationship

Mothers say that we are thinking all positive thoughts for the child and love our baby but still why is he like this, a mother can never think negative for her child when it is in the womb, grown up and even when he older.

It is because the mothers today are loaded heavily with stress outside, inside and also with the boss if they are working and husbands and whoever comes in the relation. The whole lot of stress is passed on to the child when it is in the womb.

Every thought created by mother effects the child we may take a lot of care from outside but when it comes to thought level they are passed faster than the words.

A relationship is defined as an exchange of energy. When a baby is coming to our house it already has a relation that’s the reason it is coming again to clear its previous debts if any.

So when the baby is coming we should welcome him/her and always be in good mood, not only the mother but the entire house should always give positive energy so that the baby is emotionally strong.

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