Happiness Is Integral Part Of Soul It Cannot Be Got Outside

Pursuit of happiness

Happiness GuaranteedIt’s Your Choice Just Look At This Way

Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness. We have to understand what these lines mean it says all our life is just wasted to find happiness we have searched by all ways like working, travelling, shopping because we want to be happy. All the relations are also based on happiness. I want to get happiness out of this relation. The above line says happiness will happen when we stop striving for happiness. The Soul which stops searching for happiness then it will understand that we are happy from within.

We are looking happiness in the outer world. We need to understand a simple law there is outside strength and there is also inside strength. One thing we need to earn outside and we also need to earn inside, when we earn outside we will get the outside things and when we earn inside we get what is required inside.

When we give money to a poor we are helping him outside but intern we are getting blessings from him which will make us stronger from within, happiness from within the same way when we have a lot of love, lot of forgiveness, a lot of peace from within we cannot buy a car outside.

We have to earn both the things the one which is outside and the other which is inside we can earn both it is easy to earn but we cannot connect both which means if I have money I can earn energy or strength from within and if I have the energy I can earn rupee.

When we stop striving for happiness then we are experiencing happiness.

Money, Property, Possessions are matter. Happiness is contentment, love is energy, and happiness cannot buy possessions we need money to buy them and the same as another way. Possessions can give us comfort, not happiness.

We use objects as a stimulus to create thoughts of happiness our happiness is always dependant not constant. Different people use the same stimulus to create different feelings.   

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