God Give The Power To Live My Life On My Own Terms


The Running Commentary On Emotions

Sometimes people never get what they deserve because they are too busy holding on to things they are supposed to let go off, this is a true statement because we deserve happiness, we deserve health, we deserve beautiful life but we hold on to old thoughts and emotions, so many years they have done like this to me, they tortured to me. The old commentary is always there running which breaks my happiness. It could be the commentary is so strong that it had made a place for you and is always coming up whenever you see different people also. We Don’t have the power to delete and move forward.

When you do not let go of the pain of the past experiences with the soul, our present experiences with them will be coloured by the past. Whenever we interact with them they are already radiating the past pain, we fear we should not get hurt again, we filter them through the filter of their past behaviour and may not understand them correctly this time. All this pain is created by me in the present and is carried out in the future, not allowing to heal ourselves or the relationship.

Learning from the past means to be aware of how we reacted last time, and prepare you to respond in the right manner next time, even though the stimulus is the same. Learning does not mean to withdraw from situations and people, learning means to withdraw from the past negative reactions.

If we do not let go the pain created in the past, we will create similar emotions each time we encounter the same stimulus and anything to the same stimulus like a photo. This re-living of pain repeatedly will deplete our happiness and health. Every time the past experience returns to the mind gently tell the mind “I have learnt from the past and let go the hurt within so that we can now build a healthy relation.

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