Food Creates Emotions – Emotions Create Personality


    • The Food We Eat Will Create Our Personality

    • Today, as we have seen in the entire world people, are running a mad race to gain wealth, money has become the first priority for everyone and relations have just disappeared. Why money is becoming powerful. One of the Reasons being the Food what we eat, the food creates EMOTION

  • Let’s Explore there are three ways where we get food broadly speaking.

    Low Energy Food

  •  Many people today have hectic lives there is no time for them to eat food. After whole days hard work when they come home there is nothing left in them to prepare a meal for themselves. They order a meal from hotel and restaurant. As the Food that is prepared in Hotels and other places is with the intention of earning more money, the more they serve the more money they get, all the vibrations are of earning money are mixed in the food. As we consume this food we become the same that is the love for earning more money increases.This food may be tasty but its the Food is low energy

    Energy Food for Kids

  • The food which is prepared in the house by our mother may not be delicious as that of a hotel but she prepares the food with the energy of love for the children and the same energy is got by the children, the vibrations or feelings play a vital role in making ourselves.It’s the best food for the kids

    What is the best food for energy

  •  The Food which is prepared in Temples, Mosques, Churches and other religious places is prepared by remembering God and with purity. The whole religious environment is powerful place as all the emotions are positive. The Food is also very pure and when we are leaving the religious place generally they give some food which we take home and we also give to people in between. This is supposed to be most Energy Food available as it is full of purity, happiness.
  • Finally, I want to say that if we can prepare food at home similar to that prepared in religious places then the love and relations become our first priority and money will become the last priority.

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