Experience The Devinity Of Love And You Are Done With This Life


Divinity Is The New Way OF Life

Our every thought influences how we feel. Thoughts come into words and actions, it becomes our experience and this records an impression or Sanskar on the soul. The Sanskars become Our Vibrations

What we speak is first created as thoughts. The thoughts could have been created earlier and stored. When we use the phrase “slip of the tongue” or “We didn’t mean it”, it only means we felt it but had decided not to speak it.

When in response to a situation or behavior, we create hurt and hold on to that hurt, then the thoughts of hurt and blame will get stored in the memory; these thoughts will replay many times and cause pain and may also come into Words. Let us counsel our mind, understand the person and then store the scene with acceptance,

Hurt, resentment, rejection or any painful emotion created and held on the mind, will become a part of our personality, the pain becomes a part of our energy field and starts coming into other healthy relationships.

Life is not a series of situations and scenes which come to us, Life is our inner state of being based on which we respond to every scene. The quality of our response creates our experiences and that becomes the quality of our life.

For the same series of situations, same challenges, and obstacles, different people will respond in a different manner. For the person who creates stress, anger and fear life will be a burden. For the person who crosses it with ease, acceptance, and love, life will be a beautiful journey.

The more we blame people and situations for how we feel the more we will cross every scene unaware of our responsibility. When we take personal responsibility for our state of being, attention will be only on what we create respective of situation.

If we are calm and stable on the journey of our life, our Vibrations give co-operation and support to others around us to make their life a beautiful experience. Our vibrations help them to emerge their divinity in response to situations.

The way we respond to a scene creates a permanent recording of the soul. Once a recording is created, the chances of responding the same way to another scene increases and gradually that becomes our sanskar

The soul is the actor performing every scene on the stage of this World drama. The personality of the actor will reflect in every role and every scene, Let us create the consciousness – “I am a divine being’, and reflect divinity in our every scene today.

When we are role conscious we perform on the basis of our position, relation, and age and expect the same from others. When we are conscious of the quality of the actor then irrespective of the role, we will radiate our quality in every scene.

Ego is when We make something that we have acquired our identity; it could be our qualification, our position, skill, Our relation or religion, and caste, When we make any of these our identity we enact our scenes based on this identity and expect others to be with us on the same basis.

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