Enhance The Power Of Soul For Better Life


  • The Almighty tells us that whether we are male or female is just a difference in costume when we talk about the empowerment we talk about the soul Power and not the body. Even though the society differentiates between the male and female and restricts women from doing only household work and be calm God tells us that both the genders are same only the costume is different the soul which is unique resides in both.
  • Today every invention or technology is due to the thought process of a person but on the other way when we think all over the day the people who came across we see that even a single line said and I got disturbed. So many instances when I was sad.
  • I am sitting in my garden having good food and music, perfectly normal and suddenly someone comes and says a single line and I get disturbed I lose control and this is not for a one hour. That means a single line can disturb you for 1 hour and whenever I meet him again then I recollect those words. This means it stays in my mind and it comes back again when I see the person again

  • It is said that we have around 10 thousand crore cells in the brain and these are again connected to different parts of the body again maybe 10 thousand so this is a big network so when a single cell gets affected the network gets affected the brain secrets the chemicals and the body gets affected.
  • So the words go away and many words come again and again but I have a choice not to break my cells and keep me in danger whereas the other person who just spoke the words and left.
  • This explains we don’t have the power to withstand a single line which can ruin me. Today we have to work on this and make ourselves happy that is moving from disease to health. If we don’t recognize this today then we will decline further which leads to depression.
  • The Power is not Physical it is in the Being the soul. Let’s prepare myself today there will be so many words people will do whatever they want and whatever they wish which will not be according to my wish let me check and be aware who is more powerful the words, situations or me. Whose effect is more? The words and go and how much I get affected by these words, this is my checking for today  

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