Emotional Pain – Know It And Get Rid Of It Before It Kills

causes of emotional pain

Handling Emotional Pain 

Let me take this moment to look at myself my personality, my habits, my nature many of which are causing me pain they are uncomfortable. I am aware they are uncomfortable let me now look at myself and change the way I think about it. I always take the blame on others, it’s become my habit I cannot change it and as I did this I was writing for myself a destiny of Emotional Pain.

How To Overcome Emotional Pain 

Let me lovingly change the way I think it’s my nature, my habit however tough however difficult to change but it’s possible because of its mine. I may not be able to change other people, I cannot change the way others think, speak and behave but the way I think, feel, speak and behave its mine, my creation and anything that’s mine I have a choice and is in my control. Let’s take anyone habit today just one and decide just for one day this is the way my day will be. A day where I will be peaceful, calm, and in control, Loveful and caring for everyone I meet. I am just choosing a new way of living which will require me to be aware, alert because I am driving a new way today

Our every thought and action is our creation. Situations come to us from outside, but the responses are completely our choices.

People may cheat, betray trouble me but the emotions I create are my responsibilities. I create my emotional wounds and I need to heal myself.

If I say I cannot change my habits, then I am giving myself a negative affirmation and writing a destiny of Emotional pain.

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