Disturbance Is A Very Small Situation Lets Not Make It Big


A Weak Soul Gets Disturbed Quickly

We all feel that it’s natural if someone says anything we get upset and even children when they want something they cry so what is the problem in getting upset. Children are also crying its natural but only some children cry not all the children it’s because of the inherent nature of past births children carry the attitude. Every child cannot be bought up with a clean slate there is already so much carried from previous births.

When we say I got disturbed by anything outside so what it’s not so what it is so much and this is not the last situation of this life the scenes keep changing every second and if I keep on getting disturbed then it’s may adversely affect my emotional and physical health.

The point here is we keep on getting disturbed because of people, situations and not getting accepted and there is a very deep programming inside that I want people to like me and do what I say which makes me feel happy. Some of the programs are written by us but we don’t know like if my friends scold me or do something unfair it ok he is my friend and if some other person does them we cannot accept. But this is not correct because somewhere we get disturbed no matter who says what it is like I can be careful in winters for 2 months but when it comes to summer I cannot and there is every chance that the winters or the cold may extend to 4 months or 6 months. So no matter who is saying it leaves some impression on you and if we keep on saying that I don’t matter when it matters.

Take Charge Of Life

Today we will create a new thought and a new way of responding which makes me happy makes me healthy and a strong relationship. A Response which is utmost comfortable and royal. Today I will choose one habit and reaction and let me see that in I will react to it in a different way. Slowly a new way of a pattern is developed and this is the power of the being.

When we allow an external stimulus to affect our state of being, our emotional health, physical health, relationship and quality of sleep gets affected. Our vibrations radiate to the surroundings.

When we get disturbed in one particular situation, our emotional strength gets depleted. Now there is every chance that we get disturbed every now and then. We become addicted to stress and anxiety.

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