Create Your Own Destiny By Knowing Yourself – The Soul


Everything You Should Know About Yourself

  • The spirit within needs to be nurtured. No amount of Worldly glory or power or wealth is going to make one radiate. When we do not remember that we are a soul, then the purpose of our life becomes only to earn wealth, fame and power.
  • Everything we do in the outer world-look after our body, create relationships, achieve and earn starts with a thought. The soul creates the thoughts and should be nurtured daily to achieve everything in the outer World.
  • If we don’t nurture and instead consume information which weakens the soul then we are dis-empowering our Self When our wrong thoughts can influence people, animals and plants around us, then how much would be the influence on our own mind and body.
  • You are the book you read, the films you watch, the music you listen to, the people you spend time with, the conversations you take part in, and you choose wisely what feeds your mind with The food we eat creates our physical health, our emotional health is the emotions we create in response to every situation and is based on the thoughts we create in that situation. The thoughts We Create is based on the information we consume.
  • If our morning begins with reading and watching news of violence, terror, corruption, accident, theft, then we start the day with consuming negative information. This information is the food for our mind which will create our thoughts and emotional health.

  • When something happens in society, media shows it to us. When millions of people read or watch that news, it now becomes a part of their thought process and the probability of the same things happening in society increases.
  • Too much information of the outer world influences our personality and our inner world of emotions becomes like the outer world. We create aggression and pain, which we radiate and we become responsible for the condition of the Outer world.
  • When we protect our self from negative information and take a diet of positive information daily, we keep our mind clean. The positive vibrations we radiate influence and create a change in the world. We have a choice, either we become like the world or we can change the world.
  • Media, social media, family and friends will have all types of information to share. We need to choose a healthy emotional diet. If happiness, emotional and physical health and beautiful relationships are the priority then we will consume only pure information.
  • Any message of negative humour, criticism or bias is unhealthy for the mind. Let us delete from our mobiles and computers without reading. Once read cannot be deleted from our mind.
  • He can believe he is responsible for what he does but not for what he thinks. The truth is that you are responsible for what you think because it is only at this level that you can exercise your choice. What you do comes from what you think.

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