The World Is Made Of Thoughts – Make Or Break The Choice Is Yours

The Power Of Thoughts

  • On some islands the tribal do not cut down a tree, they Surround the tree and curse it for hours and hours every day. Within a few weeks, the tree dries up.
  • The thoughts we create are vibrations which have a deep influence on the animals, birds, and plants around us. If plants can die with our negative vibrations then what would be the impact of the same vibration on our own self throughout the day.
  • Frequent bouts of stress, anxiety, irritation, anger or fear are negative vibrations we radiate to our self. Over a period of time our happiness, peace, purity, and power begins to deplete.

  • Every thought we create first influences our self, we start
  • Feeling the same as the quality of thought. Second, it radiates to our body and impacts our health. Third, it radiates to people and affects our relationship and fourth it vibrates into the environment. Pure and positive thoughts create happiness, health, harmony, and heaven.
  • Keep imagining yourself glowing with light, this is the way you become light. Everything is the thought and intention. The world is made out of thoughts. It is only about the power of thought. Believe something and slowly you will become that.
  • If we consistently create the same thought about who we Want to be or What We Want to do, gradually that thought Will Create a new groove on the soul and our sanskar will change.
  • We need to be aware that we create only the right thought with conviction. We should not create any thoughts of fear about whether we will be to achieve. If we create doubts then we do not allow the groove of the new Sanskar to get created
  • When Saints and elders give us blessings, they create powerful pure thoughts for us. When we believe their blessings Work, We do not create any doubt. The faith we have is a positive thought and this allows us to make their blessing a reality.

Thoughts Are The Seeds Of Destiny – The Choice Is Yours

Create Powerful Positive Thoughts for A Fantastic Life

  • What we speak, how we behave and work is a result of all the thoughts that we have created over a period of time. The energy created inside comes out in the form of behaviour. Once created within we do not have the power to change it outside. The power is to change inside.
  • Our thoughts are like the seed and our behaviour is the tree. The quality of the tree and the fruit is not in our control, it is based on the quality of the seed. Our power lies in choosing the right seed.
  • Information is the raw material for thoughts. To choose the right quality of our thoughts, we need to choose carefully the quality of the information we read, listen and Watch.
  • We take care of the body by exercising but if we are emotionally stressed, we will not send the right vibrations for physical health. To nurture the soul, let’s take in half an hour of pure information which we can listen or Watch even while exercising.
  • Like we charge our mobiles in the morning, if we charge the soul in the morning with positive information and meditation, then we can remain powerful the entire day. But we need to take care that we do not fill our self with too much negative information during the day.

  • After information, the second stage is our thoughts. We need to choose which thoughts to delete, which to encourage and which to store. We need to always remember that we are in charge of our thoughts.
  • When we are not able to stop our creation of negative thoughts, we should immediately read or listen to something positive which will help to change our thoughts.
  • When we start creating negative thoughts it may continue for a few minutes or even an hour. We need to be aware of it and replace the thought. The longer it goes on it will deplete emotional and physical health and the relationship.
  • Creating critical thoughts of others, talking about them to people, has become normal. We believe we are thinking and talking about the truth. But when we are thinking about Weaknesses of others we are depleting our self.
  • If we are not able to replace the negative thought immediately then we need to read or listen to a positive message. We should always carry spiritual reading material it’s an emotional first aid kit.
  •  The spiritual message we read might give us the solution to the problem on our mind. Even if it does not give the solution, it will strengthen the soul. The empowered soul will be able to replace its negative thought with understanding.

Create Your Own Destiny By Knowing Yourself – The Soul

Everything You Should Know About Yourself

  • The spirit within needs to be nurtured. No amount of Worldly glory or power or wealth is going to make one radiate. When we do not remember that we are a soul, then the purpose of our life becomes only to earn wealth, fame and power.
  • Everything we do in the outer world-look after our body, create relationships, achieve and earn starts with a thought. The soul creates the thoughts and should be nurtured daily to achieve everything in the outer World.
  • If we don’t nurture and instead consume information which weakens the soul then we are dis-empowering our Self When our wrong thoughts can influence people, animals and plants around us, then how much would be the influence on our own mind and body.
  • You are the book you read, the films you watch, the music you listen to, the people you spend time with, the conversations you take part in, and you choose wisely what feeds your mind with The food we eat creates our physical health, our emotional health is the emotions we create in response to every situation and is based on the thoughts we create in that situation. The thoughts We Create is based on the information we consume.
  • If our morning begins with reading and watching news of violence, terror, corruption, accident, theft, then we start the day with consuming negative information. This information is the food for our mind which will create our thoughts and emotional health.

  • When something happens in society, media shows it to us. When millions of people read or watch that news, it now becomes a part of their thought process and the probability of the same things happening in society increases.
  • Too much information of the outer world influences our personality and our inner world of emotions becomes like the outer world. We create aggression and pain, which we radiate and we become responsible for the condition of the Outer world.
  • When we protect our self from negative information and take a diet of positive information daily, we keep our mind clean. The positive vibrations we radiate influence and create a change in the world. We have a choice, either we become like the world or we can change the world.
  • Media, social media, family and friends will have all types of information to share. We need to choose a healthy emotional diet. If happiness, emotional and physical health and beautiful relationships are the priority then we will consume only pure information.
  • Any message of negative humour, criticism or bias is unhealthy for the mind. Let us delete from our mobiles and computers without reading. Once read cannot be deleted from our mind.
  • He can believe he is responsible for what he does but not for what he thinks. The truth is that you are responsible for what you think because it is only at this level that you can exercise your choice. What you do comes from what you think.

The Secret Of Self Progress Is To Understand The Soul

The Soul Is The Real “I”

Not only in this birth, but for many births before this, we have lived in the consciousness of body and acquired relations and positions, so body consciousness is natural to us. Sanskar’s of ego is strongly recorded on the soul. Meditation is the process of gradually creating a new recording of soul consciousness.

“I” the soul taste, listen and see through the sense organs. The body does not choose, it is the soul which is choosing. When We are addicted to something, the body does not have the craving. The soul has the craving thoughts of which radiate to the body and the body creates the with drawl symptoms.

We need to remind ourselves I the Soul is the master of all the sense organs these five sense organs are my instruments’. In this consciousness, we overpower our sense organs, but if we forget this when it feels like the sense organs overpower us because we do things which we do not want to do.

Gently keep reminding yourself of the day – “I am a soul, master of these sense organs, they will work according to my directions.’ This reminder will empower the soul and bring the sense organs under control.

Information is the stimulus we receive through our sense organs. We take in this information and create The intellect will evaluate these thoughts and take a decision. This final thought will be transmitted to the brain and then come into action. Similar habits of thinking will create similar actions and this will then go into a sanskar.


Let’s Awaken The Power Within By Being Aware – Spiritual Awareness

Power Of Soul

I am a powerful soul till now I have seen the power of outside world every power has changed the life of many people but I have a power, the power of my consciousness the inner truth. This power affects my thoughts, feelings, and actions in my life. This is true power, a genuine power which is mine and no one can take it away from me. Today this is the main purpose of my life. All the thoughts, feelings and actions are my choice. I am in control of myself.

External Powers are the physical power of the body, power of knowledge, role, positions and wealth. These are variable and temporary. It can be lost any time. Respecting a person, being influenced by them is because of the power of the person. Having to respect a person and obeying what they say is because of their position and this is not the true power.

Power means the ability to influence future change. Economic and scientific power are powers because they have to influence the people’s lives. Our personal power influences our every thought, feeling and karma and in turn our destiny.

Spiritual Power is our own consciousness of inner peace and unconditional love. The inner power when realized is what gives the command of the presence of inner strength.

This is my life and the purpose of my life is to experience is love, caring, compassion, purity and this should be in every action of my life. Radiate happiness to everybody is the purpose of my life. Giving and taking respect is the purpose of my life. Today I will take this as a challenge and try by all means to stay with my original nature.

We are a Powerful soul but we give permission to get disturbed by just one word because we feel our disturbance is being justified.


Soul Is Missing In Todays Life Lets awaken It and Recharge it


When we think about the past where our forefathers had 10 children and there were around 20 members in the house including uncles, Aunties and we also invited the relatives and friends for any occasion or festival and there was hardly any problem and we enjoyed It, in fact, we were waiting for such occasions.


As time passed we thought that we cannot afford to invite friends and we limited you to the families, Why?


We thought we will filter out the relatives and only our family members ( Father, mother, and children) that’s all Why?


We hardly do any festivals and are now limited to 2 members in a family that too both of them are in two different rooms, have two different cars and televisions and there is no communication. Why?


Now the Life has totally changed we have totally influenced by the technology has become a part of life. Our Products, deadlines, and Targets in the office are a part of life now, We criticise other teams to surpass others. We go early to the office and come late. When we come back we hardly have time to talk and are completely exhausted. We get Angry every now and then when we don’t see things are not happening the way we thought.Why?

All this has happened and we forgot to take care of yourself. Love, Happiness, Peace, Humanity is our culture.


Every thought we create has an impact on each and every cell of the body physically and mentally.

The thoughts are created by the I (Soul), Each thought of pure love I created will enhance me, strengthen me. After doing all the days hectic work if we created a thought of pure love for myself irrespective of the situation we could be in a better position to handle emotions. How?

Because the habit of creating a pure thought would strengthen every day and make us be emotionally fit and make others also loveful.

As thoughts created are passed through each cell the cell gets energy and becomes strong.

Once an experiment was made on Water.Two people have given a bucket of water and asked them to send radiations. One thought how would the radiation change anything in water but the other sent pure and loveful emotions continuously, later the structure of the water in a microscope and the strange the water with pure love emotions had good molecular structure and when used was showing amazing results.

If the pure love radiations can do wonders to water it can do wonders with humans.

Soul Has The Answer To Everything – A Small Guide On Soul

Lets Explore Soul

In the recent times, technology has played a major role in our lives, what was there yesterday is no more today. It has become a remote for the humans to do any task within minutes. It has also given a far behind luxuries life whenever needed. There is nothing impossible today with technology. With the use of technology, man has become a Millionaire within no time. The man has been running madly to use the technology for his comforts, to gain wealth, power, wisdom and what not. But he has completely forgotten about himself. Today time has come for us to know ourselves who am I, what is my real nature.

Some say I am a Boy, Girl, Man, Women, Doctor, Lawyer but these are these are the names and professions given by the society and not actually when we are born.

What does The Word Soul Mean

Some say I am the Body, some say I am the Mind. But when I say I am the body then why we say this is my body is in pain, this is my hand, this is my brain, and this is my heart.

Who controls all the organs of the body, who gives instructions to the mind, who create thoughts

Who is this…?

This is the Conscient Energy “A point of Light” which resides in the middle of the two eyebrows. It is the “SOUL” It is the Real I. We all are alive because of this conscient energy.

What does the Soul do?

I (SOUL) create a thought and the intellect judges the thought whether it is good or bad and finally leaves an impression and repeated thoughts of the same kind make the same impressions which become the habit and the habits become the personality.

Now the Question Comes

Why does the SOUL create thoughts of negative and does not create any other good thought it is because the SOUL has also been affected by the surroundings and previous births, the births leave some impression which we immediately get habituated, say children are born intellects, some are born leaders etc, this is how the personality is built.

What is the Nature of Soul?

A SOUL is a part of Supreme Soul “GOD”.

  • When we say God is ocean of peace then I say I am a Peaceful Soul
  • When we say God is ocean of happiness then I say I am a Blissful Soul
  • When we say God is Ocean of Power then I say I am a Powerful Soul.
What Is A New Soul

As We have defined SOUL and its qualities Today we see that majority of the Souls have exhausted. But Some them Still has the potential Qualities of their own, They can be New Soul which have directly come in this world. A New Soul is one which is not there in this for the past several years and has come just now and it has the original qualities in abundance and can withstand any situation without getting hurt, It has the power to help others without any expectations. New Soul is a Devine Soul