Understand The Background Of Soul Journey And You Are Done With This Life

Everything You Need To Know About Soul Journey

The Souls have been gone through a very very hectic Journey till now and are completely tired looking for the Supreme Soul to take them Home and again charge them with happiness, peace, purity. The Qualities of which some years ago they were referred to GOD. This Blog gives you a glimpse of Soul Journey and takes you a new way of thinking.

The Soul Cycle Starts With The Golden Era

Long Ago when the Souls were dropped from Paramdham (Place Where Supreme Soul (GOD) Resides), the Souls were completely Pure and original. I mean to say they were filled completely with Love, Happiness, Truth, Purity, and Peace. They were equal to GOD. As the Souls were pure the Environment was pure and the thoughts which souls created were pure. There was no trace of Anger, Hatred, Lust, and Arrogance in the Society. There is no Disease and people would live as much as they can. This Soul Cycle was called the Golden Era or Satyug. This Lasted for 1250 Yrs. and the population was 9 cores.


The Soul Journey Continues from Golden Era. The Souls have already left Countless Bodies and in this process, the souls were a little bit (I mean to say a trace of Attachment was seen towards the Body) attached to the body. But the Souls still had the original power. This Soul Cycle was named as TretaYug and lasted about 1250 Yrs. and the population then was around 33 crores.This Era also the Souls were equal to GOD as it could retain all the qualities.


The Souls then developed dual opinions among themselves. Here in this Cycle (DwaparYug) People got divided and formed various religions, some people traveled a lot and found their own geographies and their own style of living. Souls got much attachment to the body as they had changed countless bodies. Love was transformed to Lust here and to escape from lust people used to leave their Houses and went to Jungles and lived like a saint. The Soul Journey in this Cycle gave a reversal change in the whole qualities by which it has born.


The Soul Journey again started with a new cycle where Hatred, Bloodshed, Anger, Ego developed among the people. The Souls exhausted its originality here and Souls started looking for peace, however, the Society was at peace because some souls who were powerful could hardly lose their originality and they could give strength to others and life was ok. This Period Lasted around 1250 Yrs.


The Next Soul Journey was a Complete Hell, which is called as Kalyug which lasts for 1250 Yrs. Here the Souls have completely exhausted the originality and people forgot Who Am I. They totally believed that I am the Body and whatever I do is with the Command of my mind. Lust has peeked to 100% and there was no love, happiness, purity within the Society. Even for Simple reasons, people fought against each other because they don’t have the strength to listen. In this period it is said that a father can take care of his 4 children but all the children cannot take care of one father. They feel he is a burden to me. There is no sign of any Law, whoever has the strength, power and money can make or break laws. People were running a mad Race for Power, money.  The Whole society is under chaos. People are looking towards almighty for help.This Soul Cycle has a drastic reversal change in the qualities of Souls. It is in this Soul Cycle God said that he would come to earth and give all the souls the knowledge and fill them with their original qualities which they have lost over a period of time.