Experience The Devinity Of Love And You Are Done With This Life

Divinity Is The New Way OF Life

Our every thought influences how we feel. Thoughts come into words and actions, it becomes our experience and this records an impression or Sanskar on the soul. The Sanskars become Our Vibrations

What we speak is first created as thoughts. The thoughts could have been created earlier and stored. When we use the phrase “slip of the tongue” or “We didn’t mean it”, it only means we felt it but had decided not to speak it.

When in response to a situation or behavior, we create hurt and hold on to that hurt, then the thoughts of hurt and blame will get stored in the memory; these thoughts will replay many times and cause pain and may also come into Words. Let us counsel our mind, understand the person and then store the scene with acceptance,

Hurt, resentment, rejection or any painful emotion created and held on the mind, will become a part of our personality, the pain becomes a part of our energy field and starts coming into other healthy relationships.

Life is not a series of situations and scenes which come to us, Life is our inner state of being based on which we respond to every scene. The quality of our response creates our experiences and that becomes the quality of our life.

For the same series of situations, same challenges, and obstacles, different people will respond in a different manner. For the person who creates stress, anger and fear life will be a burden. For the person who crosses it with ease, acceptance, and love, life will be a beautiful journey.

The more we blame people and situations for how we feel the more we will cross every scene unaware of our responsibility. When we take personal responsibility for our state of being, attention will be only on what we create respective of situation.

If we are calm and stable on the journey of our life, our Vibrations give co-operation and support to others around us to make their life a beautiful experience. Our vibrations help them to emerge their divinity in response to situations.

The way we respond to a scene creates a permanent recording of the soul. Once a recording is created, the chances of responding the same way to another scene increases and gradually that becomes our sanskar

The soul is the actor performing every scene on the stage of this World drama. The personality of the actor will reflect in every role and every scene, Let us create the consciousness – “I am a divine being’, and reflect divinity in our every scene today.

When we are role conscious we perform on the basis of our position, relation, and age and expect the same from others. When we are conscious of the quality of the actor then irrespective of the role, we will radiate our quality in every scene.

Ego is when We make something that we have acquired our identity; it could be our qualification, our position, skill, Our relation or religion, and caste, When we make any of these our identity we enact our scenes based on this identity and expect others to be with us on the same basis.

Knowledge – A Never Ending Process In This World

Knowledge Is Power

    • Knowledge is kept on learning every day and wisdom is making the knowledge happen. Learning something new every day is good but it will become wisdom when you let go the unwanted things which obstructs the gaining of knowledge and also the knowledge becomes wisdom when it is implemented.
    • Meditation is developing a direct connection between me the soul and God, the Highest Power. When there is an accurate connection, me the soul will get charged by God’s powers.
    • Concentration means mind and intellect are together on the same subject. Mind creates the thoughts and intellect visualizes it, creating an experience for the soul.

  • Meditation is developing a direct connection between me the soul and God, the Highest Power. When there is an accurate connection, me the soul will get charged by God’s powers. Mind creates the thoughts and intellect visualizes it, creating an experience for the soul.
  • During meditation or prayers, we are absorbed in the remembrance of God, the result will be me the soul feeling light and powerful. Original Skanska’s of the soul will emerge naturally.
  • We are a divine soul, child of God. If we believe and remember that we are a child of God, then our consciousness, thoughts, words, and behavior will be divine and royal.
  • Let Your Past Make you a Better Person and not a Bitter Person. In letting go you are freeing yourselves from pain, the more anger towards the past you carry in your heart the less capable you are of loving in the present.
  • In letting go of the past, we are freeing ourselves of pain. The more anger towards the past we carry in our heart, the less capable we are of loving in the Present.
  • Often we are thinking about the past, which could be many years old or just a few minutes. Our thoughts create our present response and karma, which then influence our future destiny. So holding on to our past influences our future.
  • When the inner conversation of the past repeats on the mind, consciously create new thoughts – “Let go … let go … release … let go.” Visualise the past”
  • Impression leaving the subconscious mind. This can be done daily and repeatedly when the mind relives the past. Like we teach a child, we need to teach our mind right thinking

Disturbance Is A Very Small Situation Lets Not Make It Big

A Weak Soul Gets Disturbed Quickly

We all feel that it’s natural if someone says anything we get upset and even children when they want something they cry so what is the problem in getting upset. Children are also crying its natural but only some children cry not all the children it’s because of the inherent nature of past births children carry the attitude. Every child cannot be bought up with a clean slate there is already so much carried from previous births.

When we say I got disturbed by anything outside so what it’s not so what it is so much and this is not the last situation of this life the scenes keep changing every second and if I keep on getting disturbed then it’s may adversely affect my emotional and physical health.

The point here is we keep on getting disturbed because of people, situations and not getting accepted and there is a very deep programming inside that I want people to like me and do what I say which makes me feel happy. Some of the programs are written by us but we don’t know like if my friends scold me or do something unfair it ok he is my friend and if some other person does them we cannot accept. But this is not correct because somewhere we get disturbed no matter who says what it is like I can be careful in winters for 2 months but when it comes to summer I cannot and there is every chance that the winters or the cold may extend to 4 months or 6 months. So no matter who is saying it leaves some impression on you and if we keep on saying that I don’t matter when it matters.

Take Charge Of Life

Today we will create a new thought and a new way of responding which makes me happy makes me healthy and a strong relationship. A Response which is utmost comfortable and royal. Today I will choose one habit and reaction and let me see that in I will react to it in a different way. Slowly a new way of a pattern is developed and this is the power of the being.

When we allow an external stimulus to affect our state of being, our emotional health, physical health, relationship and quality of sleep gets affected. Our vibrations radiate to the surroundings.

When we get disturbed in one particular situation, our emotional strength gets depleted. Now there is every chance that we get disturbed every now and then. We become addicted to stress and anxiety.

Soul Is Missing In Todays Life Lets awaken It and Recharge it


When we think about the past where our forefathers had 10 children and there were around 20 members in the house including uncles, Aunties and we also invited the relatives and friends for any occasion or festival and there was hardly any problem and we enjoyed It, in fact, we were waiting for such occasions.


As time passed we thought that we cannot afford to invite friends and we limited you to the families, Why?


We thought we will filter out the relatives and only our family members ( Father, mother, and children) that’s all Why?


We hardly do any festivals and are now limited to 2 members in a family that too both of them are in two different rooms, have two different cars and televisions and there is no communication. Why?


Now the Life has totally changed we have totally influenced by the technology has become a part of life. Our Products, deadlines, and Targets in the office are a part of life now, We criticise other teams to surpass others. We go early to the office and come late. When we come back we hardly have time to talk and are completely exhausted. We get Angry every now and then when we don’t see things are not happening the way we thought.Why?

All this has happened and we forgot to take care of yourself. Love, Happiness, Peace, Humanity is our culture.


Every thought we create has an impact on each and every cell of the body physically and mentally.

The thoughts are created by the I (Soul), Each thought of pure love I created will enhance me, strengthen me. After doing all the days hectic work if we created a thought of pure love for myself irrespective of the situation we could be in a better position to handle emotions. How?

Because the habit of creating a pure thought would strengthen every day and make us be emotionally fit and make others also loveful.

As thoughts created are passed through each cell the cell gets energy and becomes strong.

Once an experiment was made on Water.Two people have given a bucket of water and asked them to send radiations. One thought how would the radiation change anything in water but the other sent pure and loveful emotions continuously, later the structure of the water in a microscope and the strange the water with pure love emotions had good molecular structure and when used was showing amazing results.

If the pure love radiations can do wonders to water it can do wonders with humans.

Spirituality And Mediation Is To Make A Balance In Life

Spirituality And Meditation From Childhood

Till now we have thought that balance means it’s something relating to work, house and when we are social and physical forms of life. But When we think of the word spirituality and meditation then we say that this is to be done at a later stage of our lives like when we are in 60’s or when we are retired from work. If spirituality and meditation are followed in early stages of life then people say is something wrong with him or he has any problem. Spirituality and meditation are not taken normally in life. The path of spirituality and meditation is used to escape from the problems of life.

Even today when we say to anybody do meditation then he lists out all the day’s activities and then if there is any time left then I can think of meditation. People say all the mornings are so busy that we just don’t have time to do anything.

Importance Of Spirituality And Meditation

But in reality, meditation should be the first priority and then the rest of the work because when we do meditation our body and mind become ready for the day’s activities. A small example when we need to use the mobile phone we have to charge it first so that we can use it throughout the day.

Spirituality should be made an integral part of our life right from childhood then when we do any kind of work it will be with the remembrance of God and the work would be accurate. There would be balance in our work and there would be no confusion.

It is assumed that when we go to temple and other religious places we are spiritual but what is the intention, the intention matters. If the intention is remembering the almighty and doing any kind of work then it turns out to be a masterpiece. If the intention is not correct like going to a religious place and talking about business then nothing comes out. So my point is making a balance in your life with spirituality and meditation so that whatever you do in your life will give you a lot of satisfaction.

Meditation Has The Answer To Everything – The Power Of Meditation

Meditation Tips :

Definitely, it is not possible to Keep Your Concentration even for few seconds. Simple Examples of Meditation Tips can do Wonders.

The Power Of Meditation

I just came to Railway Station and there is an announcement that my train has just arrived on platform No 3. Now I am on Platform No 1, there are a ton of people on the Station but I have to get into my train so I look nowhere and just run the quickest route to catch the train no matter who is coming in between, no matter what is happening around me, I don’t care for anything but my only aim is to Catch the Train and with this concentration I am inside the train within minutes. This is the Power Of Meditation and this can be done for any task say, for instance,  I am a Peaceful Soul.

Still, How Can I Say that I am a Peaceful Soul When Every minute I am always fighting with my Colleagues, Friends, brothers, sisters and every other person.

Meditation Practices

This cannot be done in a single day as we have completely forgotten that the true nature of Soul is Peace. But we have to make the habit by saying daily in the morning and evening “I am a Peaceful Soul” initially and later as time passes to make a habit of remembering every 4 hrs. And later every 2 hrs. and then every hour. After 6 months you will definitely accept that I am a peaceful soul. Enjoy the fantastic Feeling and this will definitely cleanse your whole mind which is just become so harsh and stub burn.

Meditation In Minutes – A Simple Guide To Meditation

Meditation Techniques For Beginners

First Time Meditation

It will be definitely difficult for the first time but a Guided Meditation can make a difference. Find a Quiet Space and sit down Take a Deep Breath and Completely Relax the Whole Body. See that all the nerves are calmed.

Stress Relief Meditation

Now just Concentrate or Focus your Entire Energy in the Center of the Forehead. This is the Real You. Within the Silent Space after you have completely forgotten the rest of the world create a thought I am a Peaceful Soul. Hold this Thought and think hard about it. Allow Your Mind to Rub around this thought for some time.

The Purpose Of Meditaion

Now it’s time to Realize hold the thought and affirm it. Put your hand on the heart and say again I am a Peaceful Soul and experience it. Feel the Experience. The Whole Purpose is to Experience It the Feeling.

Meditation Practices

Hold the Thought for some more time and an aura will be created around you. Feel the Goosebumps and again say the same thing “I am a Peaceful Soul”. This is the Real Meditation Talking to yourself.

Keep Practising this Daily and make a daily routine and as we feel the aura we get more into it, now practice every 6hrs and later decrease the time eventually and you will definitely land up in a whole new world.

Money Is Important In Life , But More Than That Is Happiness

Money Should Not Enter Hearts

There are people who are so engrossed in their professional life that they neglect their family life, health, spiritual life and social responsibilities if asked why they would reply they were doing it for their families. Without water, a ship cannot move the ship needs water but if the water gets into the ship the ship will face problems. What was once a means of living on the ship will now become a means of destruction.Similarly, we live in a time where earning is a necessity but let not the earnings enter our hearts for what was once a means of living will become means of destruction. So take a moment and ask yourself has water entered my ship.
We work hard in our lives to earn money, to earn fame and recognition, how can I life without money, where to live, what to eat and my ultimate purpose is now to make as much money as I can to lead a happy life. Competition is also a big factor he has 3 big I should have it otherwise what people will think I am inferior to him. This keeps on going there is no end.
We have to earn money, earn fame, earn respect and our goal is not to achieve happiness but we have to be happy in this process of achievement. I mean happiness should be a process of life and not the final destination.

Once a Woman has had tonnes of money went to a shop and said I want to purchase a saree for my servant give a very lost saree and then a day came when the servant went to the shop said today is my owners birthday I want to give her a good saree which costs is very high. So here who is rich the servant or the owner, naturally the servant?
Happiness is not experienced in accumulating for oneself, but in giving and sharing with others. When we achieve we earn money, when we give we earn blessings. Blessings give us happiness. We have enough or we are lacking is only an attitude, not based on how much we actually have

5 Facts Of Vibrations That Will Blow Your Mind – The Story Of Vibrations Is Just Gone Viral

What Are Vibrations 

When we think about a person the state of mind of that person is also transferred it is due to vibrations. Let’s say when we are in a peaceful place the vibrations of that place are seen on us and the effect of the state of mind also creates a vibration for that place. Let’s talks about vibrations of a temple, church, masjid, gurudwara why do we feel good when we go there. When anybody comes there he gets a divine feeling but how the divine feeling does get created.

It’s because many people come to a religious place and they always remember God, Worship him and nobody creates a feeling of hatred and hence the vibrations gathered there are pure and we also feel good being there. Here we have to think like when all the people go to a place and worship the place becomes divine and when we go there we also get the divine vibrations.

How Vibrations Effect You

Let’s now go to a marketplace where there is huge crowd we get a different vibration, we go to a mall we get different vibration and so on we feel the vibrations of the place dominating on us. This means whatever we think the thoughts get a vibration and makes a place there.

If anybody is thinking about you the vibrations are felt and when we think of others the vibrations are transferred. Let’s say I am a normal person and I casually think of you-you are very sad at this point of time the energy flows from higher to lower source which means you are in highest –ve state and if you could not protect myself with my knowledge I will start feeling sad because the energy is transferred.

Now, this can be another way round I connect with the Almighty and get energy and then transfer the energy by thinking about you. This is also called Reiki. We become an instrument to connect people with god and as we know God has an enormous amount of positive energy.