Stunning Facts Of Today’s Life – What Needs To Be Changed

Today’s Life

Look at today’s world people are just begging for happiness, peace, respect it’s because they think that all these things can be got by money and fame. But even the world’s richest person has something to ask for. There are lakhs of people who don’t have food to eat. Even a Young person is getting Heart Attack and Sugars are a part of our body. Why this happening and what it can be the reason for this.

The main reason is Desire and Greed to have more. The Vices are totally overtaken the soul’s originality (Peace, Love, Purity, Compassion, and Truth) and this is the Hell. If we look at the people today even when he is on a holiday he is always thinking of his business, his promotion, profits. There is no time for him to look at himself also whether he is physically or emotionally alright. He just wants money, fame.

But when we look at the ancient generations when we were in paradise that is when the civilization started there was only one religion, one king and there was no trace of desire. The souls were filled with Love, Compassion, Care and you could find no one with any problem. The physical and the emotional health were very strong. People did not know what is wrong they always spoke the truth.

So now my point is can we bring that phase now and live a happy life. The answer is yes because the layers of love, peace, compassion, purity, and truth are just hidden or they are the last layers of the soul. We just need to initiate them and ignite them. As the souls have traveled long journeys the environment and circumstances had a tremendous effect and if we can pull out these layers to front then there is nothing like it. That is the reason when someone respects you-you really feel happy, or when you go to a place where there is only natural beauty you feel that you are at peace you love to be there. When you speak the truth you feel the contentment within. So we have brought the originality in our souls to be happy, peaceful.

What’s The Purpose Of Living – Lets Explore And Experience It


Today we have all forgotten What To Do In Life is as there is no time to think along those lines. People are madly chasing money, power. But we should realize that all the achievements are left here itself and death is the full stop for all these things.


The What Do I Want In Life is to fulfill the desire of God and live according to the principles which he has stated. He says, my dear children, you are the souls and are abundant in love, care, compassion, purity, peace, power.We have to experience these in your day to day life. Looking each person as a soul and spreading the vibrations of love and compassion should be the PURPOSE OF LIFE. Being happy and spreading happiness should be the purpose of life. Looking each person with dignity should be our culture. No power in the universe should deplete my qualities as I have the power which can think differently. I am a human and have a choice in every situation. I can get preyed to the disturbance created in the daily life.

If we can experience these powers in our life and spread these then we know exactly WHAT IS LIFE FOR and we go to heaven.

The Story Behind This Life Will Haunt You Forever!

How Is Life

Last Week I met a person who was telling me that he with his family (mother, father, Wife and 5 yr. old son) were going to a Satang (Place where Scared Knowledge and Education) is organised and we all were happy on that day and suddenly the driver lost control and my wife, mother, and child expired and father and me had serious injuries. Life always gives us the opposite when we think of doing something good

Life Pictures and Reality

I came back home and thrown away all the photos of the sacred people and literally stampeded the pictures with my foot. What I thought and what has happened to me, Why God has done to me like this, why God is so cruel to me. Everything that is happening is because of the will of God.

What Is Life All About

Let’s think for one minute that all this has happened because of God and the whole world is running because of him why God even if we think that it’s because of any person the world is running like this. Will somebody write there will be an earthquake and everybody in this area will be finished? So if the Almighty writes the destiny of all the individuals he will write it perfectly. Life is all about trying to live a life on terms defined by the Almighty, Life is all about remembering the Almighty.

Even as a father if we were asked to write the destiny of our child we just write it should be perfect, he should get the best education, he should get the best job, best family, and best luxury. So if people think that the destiny is written by God then he will definitely write the best destiny and equal destiny for everybody.

Best Quotes Of Life

But today nobody is perfect and nobody is equal. There is one more saying from the past that “whatever good I have done I will get it and whatever bad we have done we will get it”

So the Balance Sheet of Life is written by ourselves and not by God.

The Karma (The Deeds) what we do in our everyday life comes in front of us and it’s our destiny. No Power in this universe can change the Deeds what you have done (Good or bad), you will definitely experience that. Even God doesn’t come in between the Karma because if he helps one he should help all.

So the Universal Law is “Whatever we do comes back to us” in the form of Destiny. We have to settle our Karmic Accounts nobody can escape from it.

And now the answer is because the person who has lost his wife, child, mother in the accident has cleared his account as he has done a lot of bad things when he came to this world or even before coming to this world.

Like this, the accounts are settled and the souls which settle all the accounts moves forward and later merges with the almighty.