Karma The Real Deciding Factor For Our Lives Be Careful With It

What Is Karma                

We have seen that when a bad person or a person who has always spread hatred and always tried to hurt people due to his words and actions when he dies, people say that God has punished him for his deeds. Similarly, when a good person who has always helped others and spread happiness dies then we say that God always takes the people who love him. But in both the cases, the family of the dead person suffers and is in pain.Its only because of the Actions Performed or the KARMA in their lives

Facts Of Karma

  •     God Never punishes the Bad Person because the death of the person is decided by the soul which is there with the family for the time, as the soul may stay for 1yr or 10yrs or 100 yrs. if the karmic accounts are cleared then the soul leaves the body. So there is no interference from God here.

  •     In the Same way, God cannot differentiate a person by his goodness or badness. So we cannot say that God does not love a person and because of this, he has taken him. It is always the Karmic Accounts or the Souls Actions performed during the period will make his journey.
  •      The Third Point is the families of both the Persons suffer because it is not the factor of Good or Bad Person but the accounts of the Families which whom the actions or the karma is done is finished and so the body leaves.
  • We also see that so many people in this world who have been in a coma, for years together don’t leave the body they are no use to anybody but still, they survive because the Karma has not finished. As the Karmic Accounts with the Families are the body leaves the Soul.