Getting Hurt Is Your Choice – A Small Guide On Hurt

Lets Know The Definition Of Hurt

Can I create a Disturbance in your mind right now? One nice word and you are gone up and one wrong word and you are pulled down. What a pretty dress you are wearing and a smile pop up. We are living this life it’s only other people who make me happy and it’s other people who Hurt me everywhere. Please be nice to me because I want to be happy. We only want them to be nice because we want to be happy.

I will get Hurt if people poke me every time and we tell them can’t you do this much for my happiness. I will be happy if you just do this much for me and if they don’t do we say you don’t love me.


What life is this? This is the life we are living each day, each second and this life is called “Dependant”. Dependent on other people’s objects, situations, and promotions. Spirituality teaches us thoughts we create will make my personality and outside me, no one can build my personality. People Say the People Words that Hurt me.


I can HURT you within minutes by creating a disturbance in you or by adding some fuel to your emotions but you have the choice because you have the mind the power to think and this is awareness. No Power outside me can upset me. Even if it does I have a choice to ignore.

If this is understood and deep-rooted in our belief system we can take away many deadly diseases like depression and which are related to emotions.

So the point I want to say here is there is no power in the universe which can make you upset and turn down. You have the choice to get upset or happy because I can’t live a life of others.

People who get upset every now and then are said to weak and they have to develop meditation techniques and awareness in them.


Another way is to talk to the Almighty about everything, you get relief and prey him to give us the strength to lead your life. God can give you this power because he has it but the prayer should be deeply from the heart and you will experience goosebumps instantly. This is a sign of strength.

Here’s What No One Tells You About Hurt – A Small Guide On Hurt

How to escape from getting hurt

There are several times in our daily life when we get hurt every now and then. We get hurt when we are ignored, we get hurt when someone says that you are fit for nothing you can’t do simple work and sometimes when we are idle also we start thinking about the past and create a lot of hurt.  Remember there is no escape from getting hurt.

What is hurt?

Hurt is an Emotional Disturbance created by us by taking the stimulus of the other person. I mean no one can hurt you without your permission. You create hurt for yourself by taking the stimulus (help) of words said by others we say because he said this way I got hurt, because of this I got hurt.


What to do When We are hurt?

I am deeply hurt by his comments, I can’t take this anymore, and how could he say something like this to me. I did everything for him and this is the way he should respond.

Now we keep on thinking and getting more hurt.

The Question comes

How Long I want to be in Hurt for one hour, one day, two days, one month or year and who is getting benefitted when we get hurt? We have to understand that Hurt just crumbles you into pieces it increases your blood pressure and welcomes many diseases. So the answer for this is we cannot afford getting hurt.

Why Do We Get Hurt?

Man has become so weak that he just breaks down for anything he doesn’t have to courage to take a single word against him because the soul has completely lost the power to withstand.

How to Empower the Soul?

The Integral part of the soul is happiness, purity, peace but we have totally forgotten this. In order to regain the lost power, we have to pray GOD (Supreme Soul) who is the powerhouse for all the souls and who is the ocean of peace, happiness, power, purity, and peace. We have to pray to GOD daily to give us some power in order to have a peaceful life.