How To Just Be Happy – The Next Big Revolution

How To Be Happy With Your Job

It’s good to have money and buy the things that money can buy, but it is good to check up once in a while that you have not lost the things that money cannot buy. If you realize this sentence then you can bring happiness in yourself. In today’s world money has been utmost important for everything. People say if I had a Lavish Apartment with all the amenities and good BMW car in front of the apartment and when I drive in it other people security guards, friends, relatives salute me I really feel HAPPY. Many People think Happiness is linked with Achievements which means getting promotions, incentives but sharing yourself with your colleagues the day-to-day activities and inviting them to your house for parties will make you happy at work

The Question comes it is respect for you. I would say no people around you salute for your achievement’s what you have achieved the bungalows, cars, latest mobiles etc., but we cannot say that people salute you because they respect you.

Let’s take an example for clarity. I have a son and is doing a job and suddenly on his bonus package he bought an IPAD for me, and I was so happy that I had got iPad, I thought my son is so caring, he did not bring anything for himself but he bought an iPad for me. I am really happy. I like the IPAD very much.

Why I Am Not Happy

The Second day one of the friends came to meet me at my residence they saw the IPAD and said what is this? I said this is IPAD, What man you can’t buy a new iPad this is outdated now, you cannot run videos on it. This is just useless. It’s worth nothing.

Now I started thinking my son has bought an outdated iPad for me, how can he do this to me, the whole happiness is gone with the wind.

Where Is Happiness

The whole point is IPAD cannot give you happiness because it’s a machine, it does not have happiness so how can it give happiness, but because of the iPad, I have created a thought of happiness which made me happy. The iPad is the stimulus to create the thoughts of happiness but it cannot give happiness.