This Year Fill Your Heart With Happiness And Spread Happiness

The Password To Happiness

If people are behaving in a rude manner, we should remain stable internally, is a strength, and hence Peace is a strength, not weakness.Anger is the weakness. It is a sign that I am a slave of anger, Hurt is also a part of anger as hurt is getting harder the anger is harder. They are both directly proportional.

My every thought is followed by a feeling. So if I am not feeling nice, I have to stop and check – What have been thinking.My feelings over a period of time, created on the basis of my thoughts, develop my attitude about people, situations, Work or about the World.

My attitude reaches action. Every action done repeatedly becomes my habit, my habits together are my personality. In every phase of life, this personality determines my destiny. Being an incarnation of 7 qualities: Purity, Peace, Love, Bliss, Knowledge, Power and Truth.

People predicting our future is only telling us a probability. It is only a prediction, a Probability not a reality We have the power to listen to the prediction, and still choose our response i.e. our thoughts and actions, And thereby create a reality of our choice.

We always thought we need to do things outside change the Way We feel, but the reality is we need to change how we feel to change things outside.Happiness is not to be wanted by people but is to be created and then shared with people when we meet them.We are not human doings, doing things to be at peace but we are human’s beings, who are at peace and do things.

We always think that internal anger is natural, so we create external measures to postpone our reactions. If we take care of our thoughts, we will not create thoughts of anger even internally.Our thoughts are created based on our past experiences and the information that Weaken through our sense organs.

Early hours in the morning when there are no negative thoughts in the surroundings the results of meditation is more, we need to take care of the quality of information we take in.To protect ourselves from creating negative thoughts, we need to avoid newspapers or news channels early in the morning.

Let me try a new way of living. To create pure, powerful and positive thoughts in a natural way, allow me to start the day by reading or listening to pure and positive information. The last layer of information at night influences my quality of thoughts while I sleep. Let’s finish the day with a few minutes of reading or listening to pure information.

The Aim Of Life Is To Achieve Happiness – Know The Facts

Happiness Is An Achievement

Happiness is not dependent on physical objects.These can just give you physical comfort Happiness is a feeling and is our internal Creation and can be created irrespective of external comforts.

We use the objects as a stimulus to create a response, but the response is our choice.Different people create different responses, using the same stimulus.Happiness is a process and can be achieved while doing any task or assignment.

If we believe that happiness is after achieving, then we create stress, anger and fear while achieving and thus do not experience happiness Before I take the responsibility of those around me, I need to take responsibility of my own thinking and feeling.

When I am happy and take care of others, then they will be happy. Stress is a pain, which comes to tell me there is something I need to change. Stress has an impact on our physical and emotional Wellbeing, and hence any amount of stress is damagingTargets, Pressures, Deadlines, Exams are natural but Stress is our CHOICE.

 My first responsibility in any situation is to first take charge of my state of mind because that is the only thing which is in my control.Our belief systems decide our way of living we need to experiment what we are learning order to change our old belief systems.

I don’t want peace, but I AM PEACE. Now will be at peace and do things outside.Try a new belief system, and a Peaceful Being now experiments with it, When We experience the result, and it is the truth.Every person I meet every act I do, I will do it with awareness – I am a Peaceful Being

Happiness is not dependent on people. No one can make me happy and I can’t make others happy, till we want to do it for ourselves.No one is responsible for my hurt, pain, fear or anger; it is my own creation in response to their behaviour.

My responses to people need to be based – on my personality, not based on the behavior of others.The Way we think and behave is not for other people, but first for ourselves, because we are the first ones to experience it.Let’s take charge of our mind, instead of trying to control others and expecting that if they change then my mind will be in control.

Let us choose how We Want to think, feel and be in every relationship. We have always tried to make others happy because we thought when they are happy I will be happy.When we do something for others, let us understand that we choose to do it because they matter to us, and so we are doing it for ourselves.

Happiness Is Integral Part Of Soul It Cannot Be Got Outside

Happiness GuaranteedIt’s Your Choice Just Look At This Way

Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness. We have to understand what these lines mean it says all our life is just wasted to find happiness we have searched by all ways like working, travelling, shopping because we want to be happy. All the relations are also based on happiness. I want to get happiness out of this relation. The above line says happiness will happen when we stop striving for happiness. The Soul which stops searching for happiness then it will understand that we are happy from within.

We are looking happiness in the outer world. We need to understand a simple law there is outside strength and there is also inside strength. One thing we need to earn outside and we also need to earn inside, when we earn outside we will get the outside things and when we earn inside we get what is required inside.

When we give money to a poor we are helping him outside but intern we are getting blessings from him which will make us stronger from within, happiness from within the same way when we have a lot of love, lot of forgiveness, a lot of peace from within we cannot buy a car outside.

We have to earn both the things the one which is outside and the other which is inside we can earn both it is easy to earn but we cannot connect both which means if I have money I can earn energy or strength from within and if I have the energy I can earn rupee.

When we stop striving for happiness then we are experiencing happiness.

Money, Property, Possessions are matter. Happiness is contentment, love is energy, and happiness cannot buy possessions we need money to buy them and the same as another way. Possessions can give us comfort, not happiness.

We use objects as a stimulus to create thoughts of happiness our happiness is always dependant not constant. Different people use the same stimulus to create different feelings.   

Happiness Is The Answer To Everything In Life – A Small Guide On Happiness

How To Find Happiness

Today’s world even a small boy to the aged if we ask them what do you want they say I want Happiness. Everybody is running a mad race to acquire wealth, Power so that they can get all the luxuries they want and become Happy.

What Is Happiness?

Once there was a person and he also wanted all the luxuries of life so he joined a company with a small salary which could hardly give him meals and tiffins He thought how long can I live with this salary so he started thinking how to get promotions so that he could lead a better life.

He started investigating and found that if I could do some good work I would be appreciated but if tell rumours about what other people are doing and some flavour, please my bosses I can get promotions to next level easily.

Search For Happiness

He started doing the same way and for the last 1 yr. he just struggled days and nights doing this and yes he got Promotions. The Formula struck correctly. He got his salary doubled now. He always that if had a good car he would be happier than he struggled hard again putting his days and nights in the areas of others. Surprisingly he got promoted and got the car he wanted.

Foreign Trips are my favourite but I want my company to bear my expenses. But this chance is given to General Managers only. So he started thinking how to become general manager. He struggled days and nights to become General Manager and finally after 3yrs of struggle he somehow becomes the General Manager.

Health And Happiness

First Thing is he did not take care of his health during all this time and invited diseases like blood pressure and Diabetes. The Luxuries which he was looking were there but he could eat a good diet due to the diseases.

Once he was travelling in his car and was enjoying the drive and suddenly there was a call saying his wife got a heart attack and was admitted to hospital. Enjoyment vanished within one second and he got into depression.And returned to the hospital but till then his wife has died. He came back home and was depressed and this depression has taken a toll on Blood Pressure and he passed away.

The Point here is that all the Luxuries of this Material World can only Comfort but not happiness.

Happiness is the internal part of the soul and can only be experienced when to give happiness to others.


The Truth About Happiness Is About To Be Revealed


In our day to day life, there are a lot of dreams which are related to ourselves, families, children and carrier we try to achieve these dreams, every achievement gives us satisfaction and a feeling of happiness, As we go ahead in life there is a feeling that the happiness or satisfaction is reduced. Happiness has just come and then vanished and again I started Searching for happiness.

What Is Happiness

Let’s go another step and find what is happening, where can I get happiness, Can I get back the happiness, how can I be happy, can I know what words or feelings make me happy. Happiness is something which comes from outside or from any other relation or from any other achievement or it is within me.

I know how I get sad, I know how I get disturbed, and I also know which words bring stress and anger to me. But when I think of happiness it just comes and goes, what are the things which are related to happiness.

Pursuit Of Happiness

When we check our whole day is just a sequence of situations, some people talk in favor of me and some not so my happiness is determined by the situations and the people around me. But as time passed the percentage of happiness gone down and percentage of sadness has gone up. At the age of 35 excellent salary package, a good duplex house, 2 separate cars for both of us, children are doing good what more is required? Still, I feel that there is a void and I started thinking where is my happiness. Look for it where is actually available.

Happiness Definition 

But the point here is Situations are coming so fast that there is not the time to think of happiness. I have to take the children to school, I have to make breakfast, take children’s tiffin’s, husbands lunch and for all this, I need to be physically fit otherwise It is difficult for me to do all these things at such a fast pace. We are more prone to our physical health and just ignored the emotional health. Physical health and Emotional health is a complete health package, we need to be emotionally fit to carry out the journey of life

one generation back my father never jogged, he never had to drink mineral water, he never had a separate diet, he never went to the gym but I am doing all these things because I had not taken care of my emotional health and we have chosen stress, anger as part of my life.