Learn The Art Of Forgiveness – Be The Most Successful Person In Life

Forgiveness And Its Importance :

Since years we have been taught by our parents, teachers, and everybody in the society that we should forgive others, we should not hold any glut or pain tightly. Just forgive.

Lets Explore Forgiveness with simple examples :

First Person

How to Forgive him, he has cheated me, hurt me and is always trying to find me in trouble, how can I forgive him “No”. He is just impossible. We Always think the other person should ask for forgiveness.

Second Person

Every time when I see him he is in angry, he doesn’t talk to me in a friendly manner. I Don’t know what is his problem, I can’t forgive him. He is just impossible. We expect others to ask for Forgiveness.


An Emotional Link is formed between the two people and both are holding the pain.

Forgiveness Definition

How Long I want to hold the Pain and who is getting benefitted. If I am holding any pain I need to forgive myself by saying that I might have done something Bad or thought something bad about him that’s why I am in pain and the whole pain is because of me and not the other person. This is a Fact but we always think the other person is responsible for pain. No, You are responsible for your pain.

We understand that a negative thought creates pain and the pain first is experienced by me as it flows through me. So If I forgive I am doing a favor to myself and not the other person.

Even if the other person holds the pain he doesn’t have any effect on me as the emotional link is broken and now he has to forgive himself to come out from the clutches of his pain. He has created his pain.

Forgiveness is an Art and if we do it in this era than you can be called as “Successful Person” in life and it is an achievement in life.

How to Forgive ourself?

But the Person who is in pain needs the energy to forgive himself and the energy can only be got from the “Ocean of Forgiveness” the Supreme Soul (GOD).

Just Look at him and say Oh my GOD “Whatever I have done wrong in my Life Please give the strength and courage to heal the wounds and GOD will definitely help.

God has always Forgiven his children when they look at him.