The Secret To Be Free From Ego And Attachment Is Discovered

Ego is an attachment to a wrong image of me. Ego does not mean only feeling superior to others, ego is also when we feel inferior. Any image which is not our true identity or the true identity of others is ego,

Our roles and positions in society are different forego. A chairman and a driver. We called the roles higher and lower, we then got attached to our roles and made them our identity. Higher and lower roles then became superior and inferior people, this created ego,

External courtesies and protocol need to be according to roles and positions, which is regard for the role. Respect should not change according to the role. Respect is for the soul which should be same for everyone.

  1. When we say ‘I’, we visualize what we see in the mirror the body is the first thing we acquire and make it our identity. But for every part of the body, we call it “my”. Our body, relationships, position, religion, nationality everything for which he said: “I”, the truth is it is “my”.

This body is “mine’ but we are living with the consciousness that this body is “I”. We like beauty and perfection which is our true nature, so we started looking for beauty and perfection in the body. This sometimes caused “I” the soul to feel inferior, imperfect, rejected, and “I” the soul shifted from true beauty and perfection.

When the body gets diseased, we believe that “I have this disease “I’ the soul ever die, the body dies. “I’ the soul am eternal and imperishable. Believing that we are this body made use in the ear of death.

The body is our instrument which we use. We see through the eyes, speak through the mouth, eyes, and mouth are the instrument through which “I” the soul choose what to do.We get attached to everything we acquire. Where there is Attachment there will be fear of losing. Even though we know that eventually, We Will use all that we have including our body, we spend our life holding on to it with stress, hoping we never lose our body, family, position or property.