Depression – Must Know What Are The Causes And Remedies

What Is Depression

We all think that every second of our life should pass through happiness and in order to achieve this we do every possible thing, but sometimes we have a feeling of emptiness and we think that nothing is left in my life. The feeling of loneliness is a part of DEPRESSION.

What causes Depression.

According to a study made by psychologists, depression is caused by some hurt or pain which is outside meaning somebody has done very wrong with you and you feel depressed. Somebody has asked a young lady what causes depression she said it’s my mother in law. Every Depressed person feels that something from outside say words, actions, irritation, hurt is causing me depression.

But the actual reason is depression is nothing outside it is always inside and the main cause is our thoughts and feelings, we create negative thoughts and the whole negativeness sucks our energy, in the case of depression the negativeness is there for most of the time.

Now it’s difficult for anyone to come out of depression as the negativeness is totally fenced him. Let it any kind of depression the chemical imbalance or for that matter, any type depression is an inability to experience everyday happiness.

How To Cure Depression

It is very difficult to come out we have to take medication and also do meditation and yoga to get relief, Awareness is one important fact once we get a negative thought we should address it and if positive we have to. I mean to say that we have to look at each and every thought and try to register the –ve thought whenever a thought comes try to know the root cause.

Once we are able to know the cause then its half work was done we should replace the thought. We should say to you “I am not this body and the pain is to the body and not to the soul” This thought awareness clears from the attachment and most of the problems are solved but on regular basis, we have to inculcate the thoughts of a pure and powerful soul.

Depression – Everything You Need To Know About it – Small Guide

Is depression a Disease

In today’s world, we can hardly see a person who is not depressed and people blame others for their depression. What is depression? Is it just a feeling or Is depression a disease.

What is depression?

Depression can be defined as the inability to experience happiness when others are enjoying it is a trigger to depression and this depression if not treated can lead to the suicidal tendency.

What is Situational Depression?

In spirituality, we have already said happiness is the integral part of the soul we should experience happiness from within and not from the material world. But today anxiety, tension, and anger have become a part of life and if this continues for a long time then the feeling of happiness which is within us is totally replaced by anger and anxiety. We have to come out of this and experience happiness.

How Common is depression

There is a difference between sadness and depression. Sadness is just for a short period and within next day we will be alright whereas depression is for longer period sometimes it may be for years. The mind is totally lost its power to get out from depression.

What is a depression in Psychology?

In psychology, depression is said to be a chemical imbalance which takes place in the brain. The Chemicals are hardly present to take the load and the person gets depressed. The Doctor generally gives tablets and this fills the chemical imbalance but it takes a long time to cover the imbalance.

What is mild depression?

Now in spirituality, we say that our thoughts and feelings create our destiny, the pure thoughts create purity in us, the feeling of happiness which has lost should be inculcated within us to make up the chemical imbalance.

It’s difficult to create happiness but as we know that we have some habits with which we can be happy, some stimulus which makes us happy. Try to find various stimuli which make us happy and also create happiness which is lost under the last layer. Just pin it every day so that you come to know about happiness and experience it. Slowly this habit turns the depression out and we will try to carry out our day to day activities as others do.