Anger Management – If You Can Give Something To The World Give Up Anger

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Anger Management

We hear from our parents, teachers, and elders that you should control your anger but no one said that how to control it. Anger just rushes out of us and we don’t even know. There is just no time at that time and later we think that we think about it till then the anger has done its work by damaging the cells and raising the blood pressure. Anger Management is Vast Subject but we can Control our Anger as it is created by us only and not the other person. If we know this real truth and abide by it we will definitely control Anger.

Types Of Anger Management

Here we have to think that the anger newer comes all of a sudden; the initial stage of anger is the irritation. We see many people doing many things near us which we don’t like but it’s their own choice we can’t force anyone to do as we like.

Ex when people have a habit of talking in the middle when we are talking to someone. This is the first sign of irritation. We have to tell that this is irritating me I would be grateful if you can avoid this.

Not only this there may be many things by which we irritated, we just have to tell them but we don’t tell this is the major problem and the irritation is left inside.

The Second Stage comes when we get Frustrated because we have not told anybody regarding irritation and we feel helpless at least at this stage we should tell that I am getting disturbed by your behavior. If you can avoid this it would be great.

The Third Stage comes when Frustration has gone and we have piled a ton of hurt and pain inside and a small thing comes in between the two people a large explosion (Anger) comes out. Other people who are around you also blame you because it’s just a small word and he got so angry this is not fair.

The Last Stage of Comes when the pain and Anger had been there for a long time and there is no choice for the person left to talk about it and it turns to the last stage and this is called “HATE”.

I Hate this person and will not talk to him for rest of my life; I just hate this person for whatever he does.

Irritation is the first stage and Hate is the Last Stage. Irritation should be cleared then and there so that there is minimal loss of energy.

Importance Of Anger Management

I request the whole world that if you want to give something to the world before you leave this world is “GIVE UP YOUR ANGER” and you have done a great contribution to the whole world.

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