5 Facts Of Vibrations That Will Blow Your Mind – The Story Of Vibrations Is Just Gone Viral

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What Are Vibrations 

When we think about a person the state of mind of that person is also transferred it is due to vibrations. Let’s say when we are in a peaceful place the vibrations of that place are seen on us and the effect of the state of mind also creates a vibration for that place. Let’s talks about vibrations of a temple, church, masjid, gurudwara why do we feel good when we go there. When anybody comes there he gets a divine feeling but how the divine feeling does get created.

It’s because many people come to a religious place and they always remember God, Worship him and nobody creates a feeling of hatred and hence the vibrations gathered there are pure and we also feel good being there. Here we have to think like when all the people go to a place and worship the place becomes divine and when we go there we also get the divine vibrations.

How Vibrations Effect You

Let’s now go to a marketplace where there is huge crowd we get a different vibration, we go to a mall we get different vibration and so on we feel the vibrations of the place dominating on us. This means whatever we think the thoughts get a vibration and makes a place there.

If anybody is thinking about you the vibrations are felt and when we think of others the vibrations are transferred. Let’s say I am a normal person and I casually think of you-you are very sad at this point of time the energy flows from higher to lower source which means you are in highest –ve state and if you could not protect myself with my knowledge I will start feeling sad because the energy is transferred.

Now, this can be another way round I connect with the Almighty and get energy and then transfer the energy by thinking about you. This is also called Reiki. We become an instrument to connect people with god and as we know God has an enormous amount of positive energy.

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