Stunning Facts Of Today’s Life – What Needs To Be Changed

Today’s Life

Look at today’s world people are just begging for happiness, peace, respect it’s because they think that all these things can be got by money and fame. But even the world’s richest person has something to ask for. There are lakhs of people who don’t have food to eat. Even a Young person is getting Heart Attack and Sugars are a part of our body. Why this happening and what it can be the reason for this.

The main reason is Desire and Greed to have more. The Vices are totally overtaken the soul’s originality (Peace, Love, Purity, Compassion, and Truth) and this is the Hell. If we look at the people today even when he is on a holiday he is always thinking of his business, his promotion, profits. There is no time for him to look at himself also whether he is physically or emotionally alright. He just wants money, fame.

But when we look at the ancient generations when we were in paradise that is when the civilization started there was only one religion, one king and there was no trace of desire. The souls were filled with Love, Compassion, Care and you could find no one with any problem. The physical and the emotional health were very strong. People did not know what is wrong they always spoke the truth.

So now my point is can we bring that phase now and live a happy life. The answer is yes because the layers of love, peace, compassion, purity, and truth are just hidden or they are the last layers of the soul. We just need to initiate them and ignite them. As the souls have traveled long journeys the environment and circumstances had a tremendous effect and if we can pull out these layers to front then there is nothing like it. That is the reason when someone respects you-you really feel happy, or when you go to a place where there is only natural beauty you feel that you are at peace you love to be there. When you speak the truth you feel the contentment within. So we have brought the originality in our souls to be happy, peaceful.

5 Facts Of Vibrations That Will Blow Your Mind – The Story Of Vibrations Is Just Gone Viral

What Are Vibrations 

When we think about a person the state of mind of that person is also transferred it is due to vibrations. Let’s say when we are in a peaceful place the vibrations of that place are seen on us and the effect of the state of mind also creates a vibration for that place. Let’s talks about vibrations of a temple, church, masjid, gurudwara why do we feel good when we go there. When anybody comes there he gets a divine feeling but how the divine feeling does get created.

It’s because many people come to a religious place and they always remember God, Worship him and nobody creates a feeling of hatred and hence the vibrations gathered there are pure and we also feel good being there. Here we have to think like when all the people go to a place and worship the place becomes divine and when we go there we also get the divine vibrations.

How Vibrations Effect You

Let’s now go to a marketplace where there is huge crowd we get a different vibration, we go to a mall we get different vibration and so on we feel the vibrations of the place dominating on us. This means whatever we think the thoughts get a vibration and makes a place there.

If anybody is thinking about you the vibrations are felt and when we think of others the vibrations are transferred. Let’s say I am a normal person and I casually think of you-you are very sad at this point of time the energy flows from higher to lower source which means you are in highest –ve state and if you could not protect myself with my knowledge I will start feeling sad because the energy is transferred.

Now, this can be another way round I connect with the Almighty and get energy and then transfer the energy by thinking about you. This is also called Reiki. We become an instrument to connect people with god and as we know God has an enormous amount of positive energy.

Children The Face Of Tomorrow- Lets Nurture Them With Wisdom

Children – The Future Of The Nation 

Once there was a small child and the parents always told him that whatever you ask God he will always answer you. The next day it was the child’s happy birthday and the parents said now you ask God what you want, the child said I asked snowfall on my birthday.Now the parents were worried how we can get snowfall in summer. The parents were thinking that the Child will cry, he will not go god again now how will we face tomorrow morning or he might not even cut the cake all the friends are coming and now what will happen because he was always taught that whatever he asks God gives him and then the Birthday came, all the people have, there was a party, the cake was cut and the child went to sleep. Now the parents were worried what happened, what is this miracle, the child did not cry, he did not ask and the parents could not stop themselves and they finally asked the child you have asked God for a snowfall did the god answer you. The child said yes he gave me the answer and he said no and now he is happy and he is enjoying and the parents are just worried.

Innocent Children

There is so much of knowledge and simplicity in the child and this is because he has no ego and this is because children generally forget what they want they just play and be happy and the next moment they think the other side but we keep on thinking the same side because of ego.
Children don’t expect anything from anybody but later as they grow up in life the attachment starts and they land in ego, so as a parent we have to be careful and give them the correct knowledge of what life is and how to be in life and lead a great life. We have to tell that the world cannot live to our expectations. So don’t get hurt whenever you face such a situation.

Happiness Is Integral Part Of Soul It Cannot Be Got Outside

Happiness GuaranteedIt’s Your Choice Just Look At This Way

Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness. We have to understand what these lines mean it says all our life is just wasted to find happiness we have searched by all ways like working, travelling, shopping because we want to be happy. All the relations are also based on happiness. I want to get happiness out of this relation. The above line says happiness will happen when we stop striving for happiness. The Soul which stops searching for happiness then it will understand that we are happy from within.

We are looking happiness in the outer world. We need to understand a simple law there is outside strength and there is also inside strength. One thing we need to earn outside and we also need to earn inside, when we earn outside we will get the outside things and when we earn inside we get what is required inside.

When we give money to a poor we are helping him outside but intern we are getting blessings from him which will make us stronger from within, happiness from within the same way when we have a lot of love, lot of forgiveness, a lot of peace from within we cannot buy a car outside.

We have to earn both the things the one which is outside and the other which is inside we can earn both it is easy to earn but we cannot connect both which means if I have money I can earn energy or strength from within and if I have the energy I can earn rupee.

When we stop striving for happiness then we are experiencing happiness.

Money, Property, Possessions are matter. Happiness is contentment, love is energy, and happiness cannot buy possessions we need money to buy them and the same as another way. Possessions can give us comfort, not happiness.

We use objects as a stimulus to create thoughts of happiness our happiness is always dependant not constant. Different people use the same stimulus to create different feelings.   

Money Is Important In Life , But More Than That Is Happiness

Money Should Not Enter Hearts

There are people who are so engrossed in their professional life that they neglect their family life, health, spiritual life and social responsibilities if asked why they would reply they were doing it for their families. Without water, a ship cannot move the ship needs water but if the water gets into the ship the ship will face problems. What was once a means of living on the ship will now become a means of destruction.Similarly, we live in a time where earning is a necessity but let not the earnings enter our hearts for what was once a means of living will become means of destruction. So take a moment and ask yourself has water entered my ship.
We work hard in our lives to earn money, to earn fame and recognition, how can I life without money, where to live, what to eat and my ultimate purpose is now to make as much money as I can to lead a happy life. Competition is also a big factor he has 3 big I should have it otherwise what people will think I am inferior to him. This keeps on going there is no end.
We have to earn money, earn fame, earn respect and our goal is not to achieve happiness but we have to be happy in this process of achievement. I mean happiness should be a process of life and not the final destination.

Once a Woman has had tonnes of money went to a shop and said I want to purchase a saree for my servant give a very lost saree and then a day came when the servant went to the shop said today is my owners birthday I want to give her a good saree which costs is very high. So here who is rich the servant or the owner, naturally the servant?
Happiness is not experienced in accumulating for oneself, but in giving and sharing with others. When we achieve we earn money, when we give we earn blessings. Blessings give us happiness. We have enough or we are lacking is only an attitude, not based on how much we actually have

Compassion And Moral Values – The Need Of The Hour


We need two Kinds of Education one that teaches us how to make a living and another that teaches us how to live. Today our education system is totally focussed on how to make a living. In olden days when the kings were there, they were taught how to lead the kingdom (that is how to administrate) and also taught about the moral values. How to get love and compassion from the people, how to solve the problems of people and needless to say “How to be a Good Human Being”


Today we are all been taught how to become an Engineer, Doctor, scientist and our parents were giving full support for becoming this. A Doctor only knows how to do a surgery but no medical school teaches how to build love and compassion which are an integral part

of healing and this is a moral value. When there is no compassion there is no healing there is the

only treatment. Now Ethics are being taught at the fag end of life that corruption cannot be a part of the medical profession but this should have been taught long back when he was a child.


Today the need of the hour is how to live and not how to make a living and because of this people have earned tons of money no matter in which profession they are, they had progressed in every field but in this mad race we have been isolated by the fact that moral values, love, compassion cannot be left behind. That’s the reason why many people are not satisfied.

Not all the people are same but those who stick to the moral values and principles are still happy even though they could not rise when compared to the others. Here I want to say that when it comes to values then there is no second thought I have to do it. This principle will make a person live a peaceful and fantastic life

Spirituality And Mediation Is To Make A Balance In Life

Spirituality And Meditation From Childhood

Till now we have thought that balance means it’s something relating to work, house and when we are social and physical forms of life. But When we think of the word spirituality and meditation then we say that this is to be done at a later stage of our lives like when we are in 60’s or when we are retired from work. If spirituality and meditation are followed in early stages of life then people say is something wrong with him or he has any problem. Spirituality and meditation are not taken normally in life. The path of spirituality and meditation is used to escape from the problems of life.

Even today when we say to anybody do meditation then he lists out all the day’s activities and then if there is any time left then I can think of meditation. People say all the mornings are so busy that we just don’t have time to do anything.

Importance Of Spirituality And Meditation

But in reality, meditation should be the first priority and then the rest of the work because when we do meditation our body and mind become ready for the day’s activities. A small example when we need to use the mobile phone we have to charge it first so that we can use it throughout the day.

Spirituality should be made an integral part of our life right from childhood then when we do any kind of work it will be with the remembrance of God and the work would be accurate. There would be balance in our work and there would be no confusion.

It is assumed that when we go to temple and other religious places we are spiritual but what is the intention, the intention matters. If the intention is remembering the almighty and doing any kind of work then it turns out to be a masterpiece. If the intention is not correct like going to a religious place and talking about business then nothing comes out. So my point is making a balance in your life with spirituality and meditation so that whatever you do in your life will give you a lot of satisfaction.

How To Deal With Any Type Crisis – A small Guide

What Is Crisis

In our lives today when we come across any situation we call it as CRISIS where we forget all that we have learnt regarding how to handle it, but when we have the knowledge to know our selves very well we are in the journey of spirituality we are ready to deal with every situation and the crisis which is personal or family related or my profession or globally we know how to handle the crisis and make it an opportunity for us and we can get a new lesson from it.

Some of the Crisis is personal like getting hurt, break up, failure and some are related to a family it becomes very difficult for us to handle. What is the Knowledge that makes me stable under any circumstances whatever may be the circumstances related to personal, family, profession or global?

How To Deal With Crisis

One of the best ways to deal with is being Silent as when we are silent we can actually see the crisis and think about it and whatever the decisions and analysis we make will work well for the crisis.

Everybody has the power of silence but when we come across crisis we get nervous and confused we will miss out the solution. In this regard, I have come across a girl where she was in deep crisis about her relation being broken and she has been crying for 3hrs why this is happening to me.

The Law of karma cannot be wrong for anyone we have to settle our deeds which we have done we cannot escape from it we have to take the hurt and realize this. Being silent is the best answer and let the hurt go away. The knowledge of spirituality should be practiced in our aspect of our lives to make our lives more simple and happy. A crisis is just a situation it cannot destroy me.

What’s The Purpose Of Living – Lets Explore And Experience It


Today we have all forgotten What To Do In Life is as there is no time to think along those lines. People are madly chasing money, power. But we should realize that all the achievements are left here itself and death is the full stop for all these things.


The What Do I Want In Life is to fulfill the desire of God and live according to the principles which he has stated. He says, my dear children, you are the souls and are abundant in love, care, compassion, purity, peace, power.We have to experience these in your day to day life. Looking each person as a soul and spreading the vibrations of love and compassion should be the PURPOSE OF LIFE. Being happy and spreading happiness should be the purpose of life. Looking each person with dignity should be our culture. No power in the universe should deplete my qualities as I have the power which can think differently. I am a human and have a choice in every situation. I can get preyed to the disturbance created in the daily life.

If we can experience these powers in our life and spread these then we know exactly WHAT IS LIFE FOR and we go to heaven.

Inner Beauty – Its Really High Time To Know About IT


There is saying that INNER BEAUTY is skin deep which means beauty is deeply related to skin, sometimes we say beauty is something which comes across but what it is, what is the secret of beauty, why beautiful things, beautiful people attract us.


When you’re in a traffic we don’t like it because it is frustrating us but when we are with nature, the serenity, calmness, perfection where there is everything is clean and neat it automatically feels good. Whether it is in nature or whether it is the way your work everybody desires to be accurate, perfect and beautiful and it is because we have experienced the same beauty, accuracy and perfection in our lives long ago may be previous births. If we would not have experienced the same beauty we could find it even now. We will only look for that which we have experienced and which gives me happiness may be very very long ago, and there is a memory in our subconscious mind about it. But today we are not able to see it around we are looking for it and I am ready to do anything for experiencing the same perfection, beauty, and accuracy. It really makes us feel good and comfortable.


It is because when we are to the perfect man, a well-dressed, and neat and clean from top to bottom we make an aura, we feel good and attractive. We also influence people and we become more creative and we also look that the surrounding should also be neat and clean. We always look at people for appreciation. If people appreciate we feel good and this appreciation deeply rooted in our belief system that if people appreciate you-you feel good and vice versa.

Some people look for appreciation for their work and some for their appearance. So Why can’t I be beautiful I know what makes me beautiful it is because we always to compare my work or beauty with others and in this process our focus and concentration on the work is lost and the output is not 100%.

Getting Hurt Is Your Choice – A Small Guide On Hurt

Lets Know The Definition Of Hurt

Can I create a Disturbance in your mind right now? One nice word and you are gone up and one wrong word and you are pulled down. What a pretty dress you are wearing and a smile pop up. We are living this life it’s only other people who make me happy and it’s other people who Hurt me everywhere. Please be nice to me because I want to be happy. We only want them to be nice because we want to be happy.

I will get Hurt if people poke me every time and we tell them can’t you do this much for my happiness. I will be happy if you just do this much for me and if they don’t do we say you don’t love me.


What life is this? This is the life we are living each day, each second and this life is called “Dependant”. Dependent on other people’s objects, situations, and promotions. Spirituality teaches us thoughts we create will make my personality and outside me, no one can build my personality. People Say the People Words that Hurt me.


I can HURT you within minutes by creating a disturbance in you or by adding some fuel to your emotions but you have the choice because you have the mind the power to think and this is awareness. No Power outside me can upset me. Even if it does I have a choice to ignore.

If this is understood and deep-rooted in our belief system we can take away many deadly diseases like depression and which are related to emotions.

So the point I want to say here is there is no power in the universe which can make you upset and turn down. You have the choice to get upset or happy because I can’t live a life of others.

People who get upset every now and then are said to weak and they have to develop meditation techniques and awareness in them.


Another way is to talk to the Almighty about everything, you get relief and prey him to give us the strength to lead your life. God can give you this power because he has it but the prayer should be deeply from the heart and you will experience goosebumps instantly. This is a sign of strength.

Death – As Life Is Truth So Also Death Is Also A Truth


In India when a person dies we all the rituals like bathing the body, a clean dress and good ghee on the head and then we do some pooja. Is it important to do all the things? Till now the person who dies has karmic accounts with us and after his death, we all cry “He has left us”, He Will never come back”, How can we live now” and much more. By crying a lot of energy is produced in the environment which causes discomfort to the soul. We also go round the dead body placed with a small earthen pot filled water, then we break the pot in the last round and will never turn back. Here we don’t turn back because he has to forget him and let him go away or get relief from the clutches of relations. Later we Take out a procession for saying “GoodBye”. People gather in large who are relatives and friends.

The Dead Body is taken to the Graveyard. We purchase the wood and do again some pooja and lit the fire. The Fire should lotally cover all over the body. Lot of kerosene is required so the body is fully burnt. Head should be broken completely.

Many are in the favor that if do not do the rituals than something wrong might happen tomorrow. When we can’t give peace to the soul then we have to be in peace. Let us send all the good blessings to the soul so that the soul again energies and then finds a womb (which again is a connection to be formed and cleared).We don’t not when the soul finds the womb.

Every year we should remember him and give a lot of strength, power, and love so that we the soul will get all the powerful and peaceful for his wellbeing.

Even when we cannot do the last right when a person dies its ok we need not worry it will not have any impact on us. But we should know the meaning of the ritual and bless him with that.


How To Just Be Happy – The Next Big Revolution

How To Be Happy With Your Job

It’s good to have money and buy the things that money can buy, but it is good to check up once in a while that you have not lost the things that money cannot buy. If you realize this sentence then you can bring happiness in yourself. In today’s world money has been utmost important for everything. People say if I had a Lavish Apartment with all the amenities and good BMW car in front of the apartment and when I drive in it other people security guards, friends, relatives salute me I really feel HAPPY. Many People think Happiness is linked with Achievements which means getting promotions, incentives but sharing yourself with your colleagues the day-to-day activities and inviting them to your house for parties will make you happy at work

The Question comes it is respect for you. I would say no people around you salute for your achievement’s what you have achieved the bungalows, cars, latest mobiles etc., but we cannot say that people salute you because they respect you.

Let’s take an example for clarity. I have a son and is doing a job and suddenly on his bonus package he bought an IPAD for me, and I was so happy that I had got iPad, I thought my son is so caring, he did not bring anything for himself but he bought an iPad for me. I am really happy. I like the IPAD very much.

Why I Am Not Happy

The Second day one of the friends came to meet me at my residence they saw the IPAD and said what is this? I said this is IPAD, What man you can’t buy a new iPad this is outdated now, you cannot run videos on it. This is just useless. It’s worth nothing.

Now I started thinking my son has bought an outdated iPad for me, how can he do this to me, the whole happiness is gone with the wind.

Where Is Happiness

The whole point is IPAD cannot give you happiness because it’s a machine, it does not have happiness so how can it give happiness, but because of the iPad, I have created a thought of happiness which made me happy. The iPad is the stimulus to create the thoughts of happiness but it cannot give happiness.

Accept Every One Is The New Way Of Life – A Small Guide


Each day so many things are happening around me, they are not the way I want them to be and they are not the way it should be. Some people are always the same I just can’t go with them. But today I am taking my mind towards freedom, however, may be the situation and however maybe people I ACCEPT and welcome them on my journey. I create this thought with pure love and conviction. Slowly I create another positive thought that the world cannot run according to me and whatever people think will definitely be different as he thoughts which come to them are different than me. So I ACCEPT the situation as it is. This is the correct way.

The next day the same things again but I am clear in my mind that they have a choice and similarly if I get hurt by them It’s my choice because they cannot predict that I would get hurt, others have a choice in expressing themselves

Whatever may be the circumstances I will accept people and move with them? This makes the other people more comfortable and he understands that he should also accept this that others also have a choice.


And slowly it becomes a habit of welcoming people no matter who he is and however wrong he is. Let me give a small example you are walking on a footpath and a Big stone is in front of you and you don’t fight with the stone instead you make your way to reach your destination and similarly we can’t keep on fighting for every reason instead we make our way by saying I can avoid this by accepting him.

Emotional Pain – The Process Of Healing Starts With You

Pain – Let’s Move A Step Ahead how to heal the Emotional Pain

I look at my self the situations, behaviors lot of things have happened and they are there in the memories and somewhere it still hurts the wound and I experience a lot of Pain. The PAIN is still there and I am waiting for someone or time to heal the wound unaware that I have the power to heal myself. Past is past, mistakes I have done is passed, mistakes that others have done to me is also passed, it’s over. Every time I think of it again over I am deepening the wound. I Accept the situation, the people, and with my behavior of accepting, I start healing myself with the firm resolve that the past will never come to me again, it’s a new moment a new choice a new creation. I am on the journey of healing if I ever think of the past again I will be deepening the wound which I began healing.


Today I promised myself the past is over, even if the thought comes again I will stop it then and there its past, it’s over. I will not let it stay in my mind and create more pain for me. I have begun the process of loving and healing myself.

Past Incidents are Triggers which we used to create thoughts now. We always have a choice how much pain we can take and for how long. Never be harsh or critical of yourself or compare with others. Accept and love is the first step of healing

Do not leave Emotional wounds to be healed with time. We become weaker and vulnerable to more wounds. Resolve the issue and heal the Pain

Emotional Pain – Know It And Get Rid Of It Before It Kills

Handling Emotional Pain 

Let me take this moment to look at myself my personality, my habits, my nature many of which are causing me pain they are uncomfortable. I am aware they are uncomfortable let me now look at myself and change the way I think about it. I always take the blame on others, it’s become my habit I cannot change it and as I did this I was writing for myself a destiny of Emotional Pain.

How To Overcome Emotional Pain 

Let me lovingly change the way I think it’s my nature, my habit however tough however difficult to change but it’s possible because of its mine. I may not be able to change other people, I cannot change the way others think, speak and behave but the way I think, feel, speak and behave its mine, my creation and anything that’s mine I have a choice and is in my control. Let’s take anyone habit today just one and decide just for one day this is the way my day will be. A day where I will be peaceful, calm, and in control, Loveful and caring for everyone I meet. I am just choosing a new way of living which will require me to be aware, alert because I am driving a new way today

Our every thought and action is our creation. Situations come to us from outside, but the responses are completely our choices.

People may cheat, betray trouble me but the emotions I create are my responsibilities. I create my emotional wounds and I need to heal myself.

If I say I cannot change my habits, then I am giving myself a negative affirmation and writing a destiny of Emotional pain.

Karma The Real Deciding Factor For Our Lives Be Careful With It

What Is Karma                

We have seen that when a bad person or a person who has always spread hatred and always tried to hurt people due to his words and actions when he dies, people say that God has punished him for his deeds. Similarly, when a good person who has always helped others and spread happiness dies then we say that God always takes the people who love him. But in both the cases, the family of the dead person suffers and is in pain.Its only because of the Actions Performed or the KARMA in their lives

Facts Of Karma

  •     God Never punishes the Bad Person because the death of the person is decided by the soul which is there with the family for the time, as the soul may stay for 1yr or 10yrs or 100 yrs. if the karmic accounts are cleared then the soul leaves the body. So there is no interference from God here.

  •     In the Same way, God cannot differentiate a person by his goodness or badness. So we cannot say that God does not love a person and because of this, he has taken him. It is always the Karmic Accounts or the Souls Actions performed during the period will make his journey.
  •      The Third Point is the families of both the Persons suffer because it is not the factor of Good or Bad Person but the accounts of the Families which whom the actions or the karma is done is finished and so the body leaves.
  • We also see that so many people in this world who have been in a coma, for years together don’t leave the body they are no use to anybody but still, they survive because the Karma has not finished. As the Karmic Accounts with the Families are the body leaves the Soul. 

Superstition Is Still Relevant Today – Let’s Explore

What Is Superstition

Once I met a person who was very superstitious, whatever he eats it should be according to time and place, the dress he wears was specific colours and on specific days if I go wrong in any way I have a fear that something will happen now, I try to come out of this but I am not comfortable and I keep on thinking that I had done something wrong and now something will happen to me. This is Blind Superstition

Superstition Facts

The Definition of Superstition is better explained by If I wear a yellow dress and go to a meeting then I will do great, if I go this route then things are fine for me. Even today when a cat crosses before you no matter how much important your work is you don’t go to work. If I sign with this pen then my exams are great and there are a hell lot of other things where people are not confident with themselves for their work but strongly believe the Superstition

Superstition And Science

The point here is we are more focused on the outer things for our work and because of this we are very weak within and our confidence level is very low, hence we find different ways like this and say it’s because of this only the work was done.

We have to think that whatever work we do is a result of our karmic accounts says a man is wealthy from his childhood but another person is a beggar and how much hard he tries to get money never comes to him because his karmic accounts (the Deeds or actions) performed does not let him accumulate wealth.

So My Point here is that the thoughts are the real creators of our destiny. The pure and positive thoughts create pure and positive vibrations and then they result in the actions and which intern make a karmic account and these accounts make him feel happy.

Food Creates Emotions – Emotions Create Personality

    • The Food We Eat Will Create Our Personality

    • Today, as we have seen in the entire world people, are running a mad race to gain wealth, money has become the first priority for everyone and relations have just disappeared. Why money is becoming powerful. One of the Reasons being the Food what we eat, the food creates EMOTION

  • Let’s Explore there are three ways where we get food broadly speaking.

    Low Energy Food

  •  Many people today have hectic lives there is no time for them to eat food. After whole days hard work when they come home there is nothing left in them to prepare a meal for themselves. They order a meal from hotel and restaurant. As the Food that is prepared in Hotels and other places is with the intention of earning more money, the more they serve the more money they get, all the vibrations are of earning money are mixed in the food. As we consume this food we become the same that is the love for earning more money increases.This food may be tasty but its the Food is low energy

    Energy Food for Kids

  • The food which is prepared in the house by our mother may not be delicious as that of a hotel but she prepares the food with the energy of love for the children and the same energy is got by the children, the vibrations or feelings play a vital role in making ourselves.It’s the best food for the kids

    What is the best food for energy

  •  The Food which is prepared in Temples, Mosques, Churches and other religious places is prepared by remembering God and with purity. The whole religious environment is powerful place as all the emotions are positive. The Food is also very pure and when we are leaving the religious place generally they give some food which we take home and we also give to people in between. This is supposed to be most Energy Food available as it is full of purity, happiness.
  • Finally, I want to say that if we can prepare food at home similar to that prepared in religious places then the love and relations become our first priority and money will become the last priority.

Depression – Must Know What Are The Causes And Remedies

What Is Depression

We all think that every second of our life should pass through happiness and in order to achieve this we do every possible thing, but sometimes we have a feeling of emptiness and we think that nothing is left in my life. The feeling of loneliness is a part of DEPRESSION.

What causes Depression.

According to a study made by psychologists, depression is caused by some hurt or pain which is outside meaning somebody has done very wrong with you and you feel depressed. Somebody has asked a young lady what causes depression she said it’s my mother in law. Every Depressed person feels that something from outside say words, actions, irritation, hurt is causing me depression.

But the actual reason is depression is nothing outside it is always inside and the main cause is our thoughts and feelings, we create negative thoughts and the whole negativeness sucks our energy, in the case of depression the negativeness is there for most of the time.

Now it’s difficult for anyone to come out of depression as the negativeness is totally fenced him. Let it any kind of depression the chemical imbalance or for that matter, any type depression is an inability to experience everyday happiness.

How To Cure Depression

It is very difficult to come out we have to take medication and also do meditation and yoga to get relief, Awareness is one important fact once we get a negative thought we should address it and if positive we have to. I mean to say that we have to look at each and every thought and try to register the –ve thought whenever a thought comes try to know the root cause.

Once we are able to know the cause then its half work was done we should replace the thought. We should say to you “I am not this body and the pain is to the body and not to the soul” This thought awareness clears from the attachment and most of the problems are solved but on regular basis, we have to inculcate the thoughts of a pure and powerful soul.

Organ Donation – The Biggest Help for the Mankind

Organ Donation Facts

In India every year 5 Lakh people die because of unavailability of organs. Two Lakh people die because of Liver diseases, ten lakh people go blind because of unavailability of eyes and the figures go on and on every year. The other side only 0.26% people per million donate organs. This means in 10lakh people not even 1 person is donating. People are living under illusion and fear that if I donate am I doing something wrong am I doing wrong karma, I don’t know what to do? These are the organ DONATION FACTS.

Organ Donation Statistics

Why are People not coming forward to donate Organs? As we all know that in this life we have acquired many things like degrees, lands, bank balance and we fear that we may lose this at any time, but on the other side we have the deepest attachment towards the body. Even a Single scratch to any part of the body we rush to the doctor and take necessary precautions and medication.

This attachment is the deepest of all the attachment and even after the death (which is the biggest fear) we don’t want to give any part of the body to others.

There is lack of awareness of Knowledge that I am not the body but the soul which is a form of energy which is inside and which gives instructions to the body and the body is just a dead organ without the soul. This fact is known to everybody but still, the attachment of the body is not permitting people to come forward to donate organs.

What is Organ Donation?

I feel that if we donate a single organ (say eye) to anybody who desperately in need of it, we should donate and live twice after our death. Eye Donation is supposed to be the most useful and helpful donation, We get a lot of blessings from the parents of that family and these blessings help the soul to gain more power to clear some of the deeds. As we are dead there is no use of the Eyes, so if I donate it will be useful to others and we also get blessings.


Depression – Everything You Need To Know About it – Small Guide

Is depression a Disease

In today’s world, we can hardly see a person who is not depressed and people blame others for their depression. What is depression? Is it just a feeling or Is depression a disease.

What is depression?

Depression can be defined as the inability to experience happiness when others are enjoying it is a trigger to depression and this depression if not treated can lead to the suicidal tendency.

What is Situational Depression?

In spirituality, we have already said happiness is the integral part of the soul we should experience happiness from within and not from the material world. But today anxiety, tension, and anger have become a part of life and if this continues for a long time then the feeling of happiness which is within us is totally replaced by anger and anxiety. We have to come out of this and experience happiness.

How Common is depression

There is a difference between sadness and depression. Sadness is just for a short period and within next day we will be alright whereas depression is for longer period sometimes it may be for years. The mind is totally lost its power to get out from depression.

What is a depression in Psychology?

In psychology, depression is said to be a chemical imbalance which takes place in the brain. The Chemicals are hardly present to take the load and the person gets depressed. The Doctor generally gives tablets and this fills the chemical imbalance but it takes a long time to cover the imbalance.

What is mild depression?

Now in spirituality, we say that our thoughts and feelings create our destiny, the pure thoughts create purity in us, the feeling of happiness which has lost should be inculcated within us to make up the chemical imbalance.

It’s difficult to create happiness but as we know that we have some habits with which we can be happy, some stimulus which makes us happy. Try to find various stimuli which make us happy and also create happiness which is lost under the last layer. Just pin it every day so that you come to know about happiness and experience it. Slowly this habit turns the depression out and we will try to carry out our day to day activities as others do.


This Is Why Parent Child Relationship Is So Famous! – A Small Guide


Parent-Child Relationship – The Foundation Guide

As we all know that in Parent-Child relationship the child is the heart of the parent. The Parent irrespective of the pains outside does not want her child to get into pain or hurt. The love for the child cannot vanish under any circumstances, it’s a pure love and no amount of time can make it dry.

But now the child has grown up and now he sees a big wide world outside and wants to go out and venture his interest, he wants to go out and look for a job, the mother thinks she has been ignored know but the love is always there. She thinks that her child does not want me, he doesn’t listen to me, and he has his own choice.



As We all know that we are the children of God and whatever the deeds we have done in our day-to-day activities we accept in front of GOD before we sleep and we definitely hope that he will forgive and enhance our strength.

As far as Mother is concerned she has to do the same thing here as the child does mistakes and thinks differently he should be forgiven by the mother no matter if she gets ignored or hurt. This is the real mother and this is the love of the mother.

The Importance Of Parent-Child Relationship

Any Circumstance where the child experiences that he has not been taken care, or he has not been loved totally will make the child fear of telling anything to the mother. If he has failed in the exam the child has the greatest fear to tell his mother because he doesn’t expect that the mother will take it easy and because of this heavy fear some of the children take the extreme step to suicide. They don’t have the courage to face the mother. It may also be because the mother has very high expectations for his child and now he has failed these thinks bother and inculcate fear in the child and he can’t sustain.

How To Improve Parent-Child Relationship

The mother should be a powerhouse for her children whenever she thinks that the child is becoming low or in fear, she should never scold. She should accept the child in any situation, this is the real mother but should also guide him whenever he is wrong. The Powerhouse when it comes near the battery charging is done automatically. Here mother is the powerhouse of Love and when her love is poured on the child he not only recovers from the trauma but also gets enough strength to take care of himself.

Understand Parenting Before You Regret – A Small Guide On Parenting

What is Parenting

Let’s begin again by searching the relationship in a different land and with a different journey in life, we will begin with a very beautiful relationship which is pure, eternal The parent and the Child relationship and which is known as Parenting

This relationship is perhaps the purest form of relation from years, but in today’s life Parenting has also been affected by our day to day life. So It becomes utmost important for us to know the fact today any relation gets broken within minutes.

Parenting Information And Facts

Parenting starts when the soul just enters the womb when it is 4 months old and it is also affected by the surroundings, remembers physically he is just 4 months but the soul has traveled years together and no one can predict this.

The Soul has already gathered a lot of qualities from the past so we should be very careful how we should always give him pure and peaceful thoughts when it is in the womb itself. We should never think that he should just 4 months and how come it affects him but the soul does not have any age. It can take emotions irrespectively and whatever emotions we give it will receive.

As the Child grows to say around 2yrs his mind is developed up to 75% and by the age of 4, he is completely developed.

Parenting Styles

I remember in my childhood when we get hurt by a table which comes in between we hit the table to make the child happy. This is one of the Most adopted Parenting Styles, this means that it is the fault of the table and this is a very wrong belief system as we are saying that the hurt is got by outside world like the table, similarly this belief system is rooted from here itself and when we get hurt anytime we pinpoint the outside world for it and forget that we are the first cause of it.

Parenting With an Attachment.

So Parenting is a challenging job for all of us always look up to a child with an eye of a soul and this will make us feel detached from the vices like attachment.

Some say that how to get detached from the child, for example, the child gets hurt, immediately we rush to the hospital and do all sorts of medication, this is an attachment which is good but we should not become emotional and give negative energy to the child, this is important. Parenting with Attachment gives pain and hurt so be careful and the Hurt will cut down the energy.

Refreshing song

The Truth About Happiness Is About To Be Revealed


In our day to day life, there are a lot of dreams which are related to ourselves, families, children and carrier we try to achieve these dreams, every achievement gives us satisfaction and a feeling of happiness, As we go ahead in life there is a feeling that the happiness or satisfaction is reduced. Happiness has just come and then vanished and again I started Searching for happiness.

What Is Happiness

Let’s go another step and find what is happening, where can I get happiness, Can I get back the happiness, how can I be happy, can I know what words or feelings make me happy. Happiness is something which comes from outside or from any other relation or from any other achievement or it is within me.

I know how I get sad, I know how I get disturbed, and I also know which words bring stress and anger to me. But when I think of happiness it just comes and goes, what are the things which are related to happiness.

Pursuit Of Happiness

When we check our whole day is just a sequence of situations, some people talk in favor of me and some not so my happiness is determined by the situations and the people around me. But as time passed the percentage of happiness gone down and percentage of sadness has gone up. At the age of 35 excellent salary package, a good duplex house, 2 separate cars for both of us, children are doing good what more is required? Still, I feel that there is a void and I started thinking where is my happiness. Look for it where is actually available.

Happiness Definition 

But the point here is Situations are coming so fast that there is not the time to think of happiness. I have to take the children to school, I have to make breakfast, take children’s tiffin’s, husbands lunch and for all this, I need to be physically fit otherwise It is difficult for me to do all these things at such a fast pace. We are more prone to our physical health and just ignored the emotional health. Physical health and Emotional health is a complete health package, we need to be emotionally fit to carry out the journey of life

one generation back my father never jogged, he never had to drink mineral water, he never had a separate diet, he never went to the gym but I am doing all these things because I had not taken care of my emotional health and we have chosen stress, anger as part of my life.

Is Relationship Still Relevant? Lets Explore

What is a Relationship?

A Relationship is defined as the exchange of energies but not words between people, energies travel faster than words and the work has already done by them but as we see words and actions in front of us we say that he is a good person because he talks nicely and politely and we can build a good relation.

What is a good Relationship?

A Mother and the Son is said to be the purest and good Relationship as in any circumstance mother cannot think negative for his child when he is a child or grown up. The energy is always positive for a child. We just can’t see any trace of negativity here.

Building a New Relationship

When it comes to building the new Relationship we have to be very much clear about our thoughts and should always speak the truth and abide by it. We should see a person as another soul and not a friend or boss. If in such a case it would be very easy to build relations because both of us in equal platforms means both of us are souls and there is no gap he is big and I am small, he has big house I have small house etc

Trust in relationship

Trust is the utmost factor in a Relationship and it the root of relation, we should trust a person without a single trace of doubt this will help the other person greatly and would like to be with you all the time.

Why are the Relationships Broken? 

In today’s life what has happened are we get angry easily and there is bitterness in any Relationship. Let’s try and figure out the relationships which are very important to us as the entire life revolves through various relations say it Blood Relation or relations outside like friends, why there is bitterness in a relationship what has happened today. Whenever we think that we should build good relations with everyone we always get into trouble.

As we all know that today’s world hectic and right from we get up till night when we go to bed there are innumerable challenges and people around us and everybody is in a state of stress. These factors take a toll on any relationship and the relations don’t last long. Ending a Relation is very easy as it does not require anything just a small word that you are fit for nothing and that’s it.

How to be in Relationship

This is challenging in today’s environment take any relation and everybody requires respect, peace, appreciation, care, happiness.

A relationship is always linked with getting people always think what I got in this relationship but we have to think what I should give in this relation to make it stronger. It is always giving which build relationships give love, peace, happiness, and care and you enjoy the same because whatever you give you to get it first and then the other person gets. The energy flows from you so you always want to give love, peace, happiness.

How to be in Relationship

Mothers say that we are thinking all positive thoughts for the child and love our baby but still why is he like this, a mother can never think negative for her child when it is in the womb, grown up and even when he older.

It is because the mothers today are loaded heavily with stress outside, inside and also with the boss if they are working and husbands and whoever comes in the relation. The whole lot of stress is passed on to the child when it is in the womb.

Every thought created by mother effects the child we may take a lot of care from outside but when it comes to thought level they are passed faster than the words.

A relationship is defined as an exchange of energy. When a baby is coming to our house it already has a relation that’s the reason it is coming again to clear its previous debts if any.

So when the baby is coming we should welcome him/her and always be in good mood, not only the mother but the entire house should always give positive energy so that the baby is emotionally strong.

The Story Behind This Life Will Haunt You Forever!

How Is Life

Last Week I met a person who was telling me that he with his family (mother, father, Wife and 5 yr. old son) were going to a Satang (Place where Scared Knowledge and Education) is organised and we all were happy on that day and suddenly the driver lost control and my wife, mother, and child expired and father and me had serious injuries. Life always gives us the opposite when we think of doing something good

Life Pictures and Reality

I came back home and thrown away all the photos of the sacred people and literally stampeded the pictures with my foot. What I thought and what has happened to me, Why God has done to me like this, why God is so cruel to me. Everything that is happening is because of the will of God.

What Is Life All About

Let’s think for one minute that all this has happened because of God and the whole world is running because of him why God even if we think that it’s because of any person the world is running like this. Will somebody write there will be an earthquake and everybody in this area will be finished? So if the Almighty writes the destiny of all the individuals he will write it perfectly. Life is all about trying to live a life on terms defined by the Almighty, Life is all about remembering the Almighty.

Even as a father if we were asked to write the destiny of our child we just write it should be perfect, he should get the best education, he should get the best job, best family, and best luxury. So if people think that the destiny is written by God then he will definitely write the best destiny and equal destiny for everybody.

Best Quotes Of Life

But today nobody is perfect and nobody is equal. There is one more saying from the past that “whatever good I have done I will get it and whatever bad we have done we will get it”

So the Balance Sheet of Life is written by ourselves and not by God.

The Karma (The Deeds) what we do in our everyday life comes in front of us and it’s our destiny. No Power in this universe can change the Deeds what you have done (Good or bad), you will definitely experience that. Even God doesn’t come in between the Karma because if he helps one he should help all.

So the Universal Law is “Whatever we do comes back to us” in the form of Destiny. We have to settle our Karmic Accounts nobody can escape from it.

And now the answer is because the person who has lost his wife, child, mother in the accident has cleared his account as he has done a lot of bad things when he came to this world or even before coming to this world.

Like this, the accounts are settled and the souls which settle all the accounts moves forward and later merges with the almighty.

Anger Management – If You Can Give Something To The World Give Up Anger

Anger Management

We hear from our parents, teachers, and elders that you should control your anger but no one said that how to control it. Anger just rushes out of us and we don’t even know. There is just no time at that time and later we think that we think about it till then the anger has done its work by damaging the cells and raising the blood pressure. Anger Management is Vast Subject but we can Control our Anger as it is created by us only and not the other person. If we know this real truth and abide by it we will definitely control Anger.

Types Of Anger Management

Here we have to think that the anger newer comes all of a sudden; the initial stage of anger is the irritation. We see many people doing many things near us which we don’t like but it’s their own choice we can’t force anyone to do as we like.

Ex when people have a habit of talking in the middle when we are talking to someone. This is the first sign of irritation. We have to tell that this is irritating me I would be grateful if you can avoid this.

Not only this there may be many things by which we irritated, we just have to tell them but we don’t tell this is the major problem and the irritation is left inside.

The Second Stage comes when we get Frustrated because we have not told anybody regarding irritation and we feel helpless at least at this stage we should tell that I am getting disturbed by your behavior. If you can avoid this it would be great.

The Third Stage comes when Frustration has gone and we have piled a ton of hurt and pain inside and a small thing comes in between the two people a large explosion (Anger) comes out. Other people who are around you also blame you because it’s just a small word and he got so angry this is not fair.

The Last Stage of Comes when the pain and Anger had been there for a long time and there is no choice for the person left to talk about it and it turns to the last stage and this is called “HATE”.

I Hate this person and will not talk to him for rest of my life; I just hate this person for whatever he does.

Irritation is the first stage and Hate is the Last Stage. Irritation should be cleared then and there so that there is minimal loss of energy.

Importance Of Anger Management

I request the whole world that if you want to give something to the world before you leave this world is “GIVE UP YOUR ANGER” and you have done a great contribution to the whole world.

Master The Control Over Anger And Live Up To 100 yrs

What Causes Anger?

Today many situations come in and a way that there is no choice for me but to get angry means anybody would have got anger. What Causes Anger? This is a deeply rooted belief system that I have no choice but to get angry, but the real fact is right from childhood in schools, colleges and parents no one has said that “ I have a choice” which means I can create my thoughts and feelings according to my choice. Similarly, I have a choice that I Will not get angry Today

Why Do We Get Angry?

I said to my driver to come at 9:00 Am Tomorrow as I had a Board Meeting, but the driver came at 09:30 Am and I was very angry? How can I say it’s ok because the meeting has already started? The point here is if we get angry before the Board Meeting how will you attend the meeting and second thing is you want to scold driver who is driving your car.

Anger is used as Motivator, Judgemental Anger

If I get angry at the driver and say that you will be removed anytime if you get late from now, and he will definitely come on time every day. Yes because he has the fear of removal. Here Anger is used to motivate people to get their work done.

Anger Management Therapy

One Simple thing when we get angry is I should know what are the basic causes of my Anger may be my belief Systems, Ego, people not accepting me etc. I always have a choice sometimes, when we are in good mood and somebody criticises or say negative comment on me, that time I don’t care I have a choice to be in good mood.Similarly, I have a choice to be in good mood all the time irrespective of whatever is happening around me.


Anger Addiction Is The Most Trending Thing Now? Let’s Explore

Anger Addiction

Today we have seen in all the verticals of life people use Anger just like a software tool to get the work done.

I called up cable operator and said “My TV is not working” he did not listen then I went to cable office and just shouted at him “You can’t-do simple work, You are fit for nothing, For what you all are taking the salaries, who is your MD, I Went inside the MD Room and also had some heated arguments with him and just look at it my Cable TV Problem got Fixed.I thought now I can use this Formula Everywhere. This is the Sign of Anger Addiction.

What is the reason for being Angry

I shouted at the Carpenter who came late for work at my home and was not doing his job properly and shouted at him, he got afraid the result was the work was done.

I Shouted at my Wife you don’t know what I am waiting for, you don’t know simple things, get me coffee and immediately Coffee was there.

Look everybody is in my Control, I am Great, Everybody is Scared of me.This is One of the reasons for being Angry

I started making heated arguments with my colleague in front of my superiors and look the things were done. I shouted at my Son or not coming First in Class and he was afraid and studied hard and got first in class and look things were done. Slowly Anger has become my nature, whenever I was silent people used to say “ I think today something happened to him”, Today he is not well, maybe today he did not have his breakfast I used to get such comments.

The Questions Comes if things are getting done in minutes why not is Angry?

Anger Disorder Symptoms – What Happens When we get Angry

When we are angry we are heated outside but internally we are becoming weak. The power of Soul to take any challenge is lost, I mean Soul becomes Weak. How many Times we get angry we become weak within so many times and our Blood Pressure takes a Toll if keeps on Fluctuating, We may welcome many diseases which are unknown so far. These are Anger Disorder Symptoms.

How To Deal With Anger And Frustration

The Main Point is When We become Weak From inside the power to gain control over others will be difficult. Initially, when I had the power I had done effortlessly, now I need to take care of myself first and because of my nature of getting Angry and everybody should listen to me I would find very difficult to control them outside I need more power now but I don’t have the power within. I feel helpless.

Reaction to Any Situation is Easy But remaining Quiet within is difficult.